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crystal dc Adventurer mage Mi'qote looking for casual & long-term shenanigans

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Hey everyone! I posted a little about myself the other day in the welcome forum, but the gist is, I've been roleplaying for way too long now. However, I'm looking to get my feet wet in FFXIV now! 


I'm seeking out both casual scenarios and long-term plots for my Mi'qote, A'etalia Rhel. She's a mage adventurer who's always seeking out, of course, adventures and more ways to use her magic. She seems like a goody-two-shoes, and generally she is! But she's up for pretty much anything, so long as she can come back with a tale. Think of her like the obligatory D&D Paladin in your group, except with less of a staff up her ass. A'etalia is also very interested in learning more about magic, and will make an eager student or audience to any other magic user otherwise. Or, if you just want/need an adventurer to lead on a wild mouse chase... well, uh, she's a catgirl. I have more information about her on my Carrd: https://aetalia.carrd.co/ 


In terms of what I'm looking for! I can type out paragraphs for days and prefer that my partners can too, but if you have an interesting tale to craft, I'm absolutely willing to be flexible there. I can roll with individuals and groups. And while I'd really prefer to do something long-term, I'm absolutely cool with casual encounters and social roleplaying; she can always use a few tavern buddies. I like stories with conflict, character development, and deeper allure. Which is to say, I would loooove to hear your character's/organization's lore! 


Content-wise, I'm extremely okay with mature/dark/edgy themes (and am kind of a sucker for edgy stuff, actually), but I'm not looking to center things on romance, and I'm definitely not aiming for erotic. Obviously, things can swing that way if both player and character chemistry do. 


And finally, I'm on the Crystal database, though I'm mainly in Diabolos. My time zone's ET but I can stay awake pretty late for y'all PT types. 


Feel free to reply or send a message or whatever if interested! (Or if you see me wandering in Balamung absolutely do walk up~) 

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Hey there! Coming fresh off the welcome forum...


How do you feel about direct character-against-character conflict? With as much attention as you draw to A'etalia being a goody-two-shoes (or as close to one can get to being realistically), it makes me think you're looking for drawing up long term progression through conflict either overt or shadowy. The reason I ask is that Kasi is the opposite side of the spectrum there, in that she fundamentally not a good person (but she does have charisma at least), and I am usually looking for more people to muck with her schemes. If the idea of this tickles at all, feel free to have a gander at her own carrd:




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