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New to this place and FFXIV


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Hello everyone, in fact, yea I am new, as I did beta test the first version but I didn't liked it. This time, I rather enjoy it and I was thinking of joining you and will be looking for a linkshell very soon.


I guess I'll join most of you on Balmung.


Who I am, I am a french canadian, I've RPed in many game: Aion, Rift and most recently I am in the Wildstar community. Generally people should know me by Tobias, Alvaruz or AlexTheTall (if you're in the WS community). I've been RPing for over 10 years now and I still think it's the best way to be entertain.


See you in game :)

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Welcome!! All that stuff comes with time. Please make yourself at home, feel free to read some of the guides about RP, the lore, the wiki, and all the other good stuff we have to offer here, and if you have any questions or need any help, everyone is usually very eager to lend a hand (as I'm sure you've already seen!) Also there is a sticky thread at the top of the Welcome Desk forums about mentoring if you want to pair up with a more veteran RPer. If that's something you would be interested in definitely check it out!! ^_^

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