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Balmung Server Transfers


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For those of you looking to transfer servers to Balmung, now seems to be the time! The deadline is July 15th, but according to the transfer page here, it looks like Balmung is filling up. If you want to join us on Balmung and you need to transfer, please don't miss your chance!

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Just Saw the news in my email .Can't double check my account since my authenticator is at home lol but so long as my account page shows a character listed for Balmung then I should b good to go right? Im probably just being paranoid but I absolutely want to stick with the coalition site community when FFXIV:ARR launches since u guys have seemed like a great community.

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If you're planning to play your 1.0 character and they are still on Balmung (or Besaid), you don't need to do anything.


If you're planning to roll a new character, you don't need to do anything, because I believe SE is planning to leave additional headroom for new players on all of the legacy servers (but it'd still probably be smart to get your character created ASAP once phase 4 starts to reserve your spot).


If you have a 1.0 character that you're planning on playing but it is not on Balmung (or Besaid) then you need to submit a transfer application if you'd like to play that character on Balmung.

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I figured id take advantage of the World Transfer as my original character which I believe had first belong to the Figaro server(chose the server at the time in homage of easily one of my top favorite RPGS and FF's of all time) had wound up on Aegis. Though it shared the same name with my character that i created on Besaid/Balmung come launch time I will just tweak/edit the character names a bit since I submitted a transfer app to bring over my Aegis character to Balmung as a 'just in case' i missed something he had on him lol.


Holy hell i am getting anxious for Aug. 27:moogle:

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I'm already on Balmung.  I'm only concerned that my friends won't be able to create new characters there.


I checked the application page and only the following servers were available for me.


  • Ridill (jp)
  • Masamune (jp)
  • Durandal (jp)
  • Aeigis (jp)
  • Gungnir (jp)
  • Sargatanas (Na/Eu)
  • Balmung (Na/Eu)
  • Hyperion (Na/Eu)
  • Excalibur (FOOL)
  • Ragnarok (Na/Eu)

Perhaps even if we wanted to transfer to the new 'non official' RP server we can't because it's non-legacy?  I'm still not entirely sure on this.

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