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So, how do things work here?

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I'm planning to try out FF14 for the RP. I've RP'd in other MMO's and had a few questions about how things work here, hopefully you can help! 


First off, I saw loads of people in taverns and such on Balmug, but very little chat, do people all RP in party chat or something in public spaces? Is there much in the way of public RP, I.E interacting with stangers and striking up conversations ect?


And my second main question is is the Omega server still active? I couldn't find much on the forums. I'm EU based so it'd be nice to find people active around my timezone. 

Related to this is: how easy is it to transfter servers, do people change worlds regularly for RP? 


Finally, what are linkshells? 


Any guidance would be really appreciated, thanks! 

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While the Quicksand on Balmung is/was a good place to find public RP, it's also gotten a name for finding RP of other kinds, which typically goes on through /tell (private message) or in party chat. I would turn on the RP status icon and look for others with it as a good starting point. There's also the character search info, which allows you a small text blurb. Many RPers will state they're RPers, possibly what kind they're into, and if they're open to walkups/random RP along with a small character description or hook.


As for Omega, I'm not entirely sure. A lot of the activity that used to occur here on the RPC has since migrated over to Discord. You may find the Chaos Datacenter Discord group handy. https://discord.gg/94tTub6


Regarding transfers, you can easily "world visit" any server in your datacenter. For Balmung and Mateus, this is handy because the servers are usually locked to create new characters, but have some of the larger populations of RPers around. While there are some restrictions in what you can/cannot do (no retainers, no FC buffs, no local-server Linkshells, etc), it's handy for RPers who want to do things on various servers or when you can't directly get a character into one of them. 


Linkshells are basically FFXIV chat groups. There are slots allocated for local to your world/server and some that are cross-world and will work regardless of the server you're on. Free Companies are your guild equivalent and also have a dedicated chat channel. Aside from those channels, there's /say for general chat, /em or /emote for emote chat, /yell for short-range, and /shout for zone-wide.

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As Franz mentioned a bit, the Quicksand and other parts of Ul'dah are often where people go to AFK or find RP of a more adult nature that needs to be done in private channels, hence all the people standing around quietly. There's just a lot of wallflowers waiting for someone else to approach them! While you can find RP at the Quicksand, most of the more non-sexual RP has moved to Pearl Lane outside of it. You can still find public RP elsewhere, but it's most prevalent during planned events (like you can find on the calendar here).

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