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Question about Airship travel to Othard from Eorzea in MSQ

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any idea how Cid was able to travel to Othard from Eorzea and any idea on how long it takes by airship vs boat? In the beginning of Stormblood, Alphinaud says this. "Not…exactly. You are right, in as much as we will be traveling by sea. Regrettably, it is simply not feasible for an airship to travel such a distance without impossibly large fuel reserves, to say nothing of the inevitability of running afoul of the Empire’s aerial defenses."


Yet later on in 4.1, Cid appears in Kugane and later throughout the Ivalice Raids and in the MSQ during 4.4 Alisae calls him and the Ironworks to come to the Burn in 4.5. From what I gather, I doubt that he and the others came by boat when it takes too long, but how does he manage to travel by airship if the problems mentioned by Alphinaud are in place? I mean the aerial defenses around Othard are not there anymore around Doma and Kugane but what about the fuel reserves?

Any one have an idea?


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It's a hand wave, mostly. They also say that they'll meet you in Kugane, at one point, since they know you can just teleport there and they can't. They still end up meeting you almost immediately after. You often just have to assume that "indeterminate amount of time has passed" in such situations.

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Maybe he got towed by a boat?




The voyage forth and back to Othard is so full of time and resources inconsistencies all the time that I stopped trying long ago.

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