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All your pants are belong to me


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So it was brought to my attention that hardly any of the quests in FFXIV offer pants as a reward. I personally thought that was ... odd. So I went on a long quest filled with heart moving music and epic montages.


At long last, just when I thought I would never find the answer and almost gave up all hope I stumbled upon the answer.



Y'sehr Ntasha has taken them all!




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During my first beta weekend, I leveled a character on Malboro. I got to the gear-check quest fast and had to do my other quests to get the needed gear. Somehow I was still missing pants. This last weekend I was on Gilgamesh anf did the gear.check quest after going through everything else on my list. I had to buy pants. :(

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Anybody remember that old Cartoon Network commercial with the League of Evil where Brainiac stands up and yells "All I want is pants! A decent pair of pants!" and the other villains just look thoughtful and chime in that they want pants too?


Pants 8-)

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