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Stepping into new lands

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Salutations, I thought I'd say hello to the world now that I finally feel ready to. I'm a relatively experienced RPer, back from Google+ days and both playing and being a dungeon master for D&D games the last couple of years. After a few months, I'd like to believe I've gotten to know my character on a more personal level... but I've yet to know Eorzea in such a way. FFXIV is my first dip in the bucket of Final Fantasy lore, and I've done many things far and wide save for actually going through the MSQ like a bullet train just because I feel like it's a more natural pace for Slylence. I was wondering if most RP areas assume at least a certain degree of MSQ completion and are not quite inclined to avoid spoilers (I'm still in ARR, eek), or if there are popular spots for those who aren't as up to date with MSQ.

Slylence has met numerous people, but none quite enough to suffice in a lifetime. With a formal introduction to the community, I'm looking forward to exploring the world beyond NPC interactions and the occasional conversation with a passing adventurer. Greetings oncemore from both her and mineself, and thanks in advance for the help and the open doors to this community. 


I may not always be online, but if anyone wishes to reach me with relative speed, feel free to DM me on discord at Eirwen Gale#2609

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Hello there, welcome! :D It's just a grab bag, I suppose. Most RPers are mindful of spoilers and don't incorporate the happenings of the MSQ into their RP much, anyway, but that doesn't go for everyone. It was only last week or so in Pearl Lane on Balmung I saw a couple RPers rehashing the entirety of the MSQ from the two most recent patches out in the open, which seemed... Not Great to do. In general, though, most people are more careful. You could always send a /tell to anyone you're RPing with and just let them know you haven't finished ARR and ask they not spoil anything for you and ask they be understanding if there's anything you don't know.

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Welcome Eirwen Gale! 


Faye has the right of it. In addition to RP settings spoiler conversations sometimes pop up OOCly during Duties, Fates and the like. In either case a respectful /yell or /group request to those around concerning spoiler warnings could help if they're willing to be respectful in return. I've seen players ask those in the Duty how far everyone has gotten in the MSQ before deep diving into any discussions. 

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Thank you for the warm welcome, and for both of your inputs as well! I'll be sure to do so - don't want the firsthand in-character experiences to be spoiled x3 Appreciate the heads up and tips!

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