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Final Song Fantasy!

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Post all sorts of FF-related songs!


Surely you guys know Hyadain? (ironically, that's an ice spell in Dai No Daiboken, a manga based on Dragon Warrior games... but he does FF songs :P)








Wish that last one was english subbed. O_O

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Just a friendly PSA!


The FFXIV: ARR OST is currently under NDA, and while there are videos of it floating around on youtube, we would ask that you refrain from posting them here. Even if you aren't the one hosting it, it's still NDA breaking content, and as such SE could slap the RPC with a cease & desist for hosting it.


Chances of that happening? Slim, but we'd rather avoid it at all costs. :>



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I'm with Asyria on this guy's remixes.


If you are going to make me listen to a battle theme a million times, PLEASE make it a good one.  FF VI...yeah, got it covered.





Now, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was only ever intended as a newbie JRPG.  In fact it was one of the first games my son played while he was just learning to read!  Despite everything else, that game had an amazing soundtrack.


Doom Castle, the final dungeon.  I just remember setting the controller down in awe when I first went in.  This just screams epic...





If you are going to face a Final Boss, you need epic music to get the adrenaline pumping.  Again Mystic Quest slaps you across the face.  Over and over.  This was the first video game Final Boss my son ever faced, and I grinned as his jaw hit the desk when this theme kicked it.  The poor lad couldn't stop shifting in the seat and lasted a whole thirty seconds before standing for the rest of the battle shaking with excitement. :lol:



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Xerek,we seem to have similar tastes cause I love those you posted too!

The Mystic Quest music sure rocked.

I remember that last boss!

A piece of cake once you realize he's so evil that Cure harms him, but still one of the best battle themes on the SNES.

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It's quite a few videos so I'll put them in a spoiler. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

















Just some of my favorites from off the top of my head. If you guys haven't heard any brentalfloss or Distant Worlds tracks, you're definitely missing out.

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