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Looking to try Role Playing, but nervous and hesitant for some reasons

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Hi there. I’m brand new to the game, like really brand new. Never seen anyone play it, never had played it before, just have some minor experience with older Final Fantasy games (3 was my favorite), and I’m feeling a little hesitant to join the community of role playing here.


I made a character on the server that was most suggested for Role Playing (Balmung). There’s some things that make me feel a bit awkward about getting into RP and I hope I might be able to find some answers here to help me. 

I’m not very familiar with FF lore but I’m definitely up for learning it. I feel a bit overwhelmed in the game already so I’m wondering if I should play through the first part of the story before really wanting to get into any RP. I’m not even at lvl 30 on my most played class and I just left my starting area. There’s a lot I haven’t explored yet but I still find myself sitting and listening to anyone RPing nearby thinking about how fun it would be.


Are there any beginner tips you guys might have for getting into an RP group? I know there’s lots to choose from and I’m looking into some things I’m not used to. And this might sound strange but are there races that are more fun to role play with than others? I saw a Miqo’te exclusive RP advertised and it made me a little self conscious about being a Viera since I already stand out in terms of height against most players I see.


Hope I might find some help here thank you in advance!

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Hello there.

It seems like the lore is something that interests you so the best advice I can offer is if you desire to begin roleplaying I would start with a character that is pretty general. Perhaps a conjuror or an archer. This will give you time to just play the game and enjoy the story and absorb the lore without you feeling like there is perhaps some faux paus somewhere. In addition, once you get more comfortable with the lore you'll have a firm foundation to build your character on should you decide to take them in a more daring direction with new knowledge that you have. Character growth like this also adds depth and makes for more interesting interactions.

As far as "exclusive" RP, there are groups out there dedicated to Seeker of the Sun or Keeper of the Moon RP. They don't mean to exclude you, they are just attempting to create spaces to engage with that bit of lore of those races. Not everything appeals to everyone though and if you are happy with your Viera then you should stay Viera and I assure you that you have no issues finding roleplay. And yes, they do tend to be very tall and very long lived as a race so I would make sure both those things are appealing as well.

Here is a post from the official SE forms about Viera naming conventions should it appeal to you.


Being a Viera, perhaps your character has some reason why they left the wood and chose to venture out into the cities? Things to think about.

Hope this was helpful and welcome!

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Hello there, Mika, welcome! :)

As for what races are "fun" to RP, it comes down entirely to preference. I find Midlander fun because I have a lot of wiggle room to do what I want and essentially a blank slate to make my character's personality and motivations the spotlight rather than her racial customs or appearance. Other races are fun because their more specific lore can create unique and interesting stories and situations. It just comes down to what you prefer. As Teadrinker mentioned, RP groups that are themed around a specific race (or concept in general) aren't meant to exclude others, they're only meant to foster and facilitate that sort of RP.

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It should also be noted that those race specific groups, do most times allow other races, it just requires more investment and more rp to become trusted in character.  Some find the challenge fun.

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