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Looking to write our ocs' histories/relationship together! (Mine Is A Catboy)

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Let's just hop right into it!


MMORPG Background

FFXIV is the first and only MMORPG I've ever taken seriously. I've been playing it off and on for around 2-3 years now, mostly because I haven't been able to sustain a subscription- not because I have a problem with the game itself!


RP Experience

I've been roleplaying for the past seven years. I started in the Warrior Cats fandom as a kid and moved onto the infamous Homestuck shortly thereafter, and now I've evolved into developing (or attempting to develop) my own original character. 


Character Ideas/Info

The character I will be roleplaying is a samurai miqo'te named Gabriel Miller. Don't worry, his name is rooted in its own traumatic lore and doesn't sound very miqo'te-ish (e.g. G'raha Tia) for a reason. I'll give a brief summary of his upbringing, but I'd prefer to discuss the details with you personally while simultaneously learning about your character as well!


Gabriel was raised in Doma by two loving parents until the Doman mafia punished them by death. The same gang adopted Gabe. Around the age of twenty, he decided to run away from the criminal underworld after yet another half of his family was slaughtered and travelled far, far away- whether this is Limsa Lominsa, Gridania or etc. will depend entirely on y/c's whereabouts. He wouldn't meet y/c until a few years later, however, when his personality has reformed entirely into that of a depressed, if not slightly angry Samurai Jack. He has a smoking problem and will drink if an unpleasant thought from the past pops up. Perhaps another good thing of note is he's bisexual, in case you want to try exploring romantic options (though that is not exclusively what I'm looking for! Friendships or complicated relationships are just as great). 


How I Learned About the Coalition

Through my own research! I just looked it up.


What Kind of Role-Player I Am

I'm definitely not light. I enjoy emphasizing the smaller details regarding my character and his environment and will typically write up to a couple literate sentences depending on the progress of the rp. 


Anything From Real Life I'm Comfortable with Sharing

Everything! I want to get to know your oc/WOL and you. 


With all of that being said, I'd prefer to chat over Discord for the sake of convenience. If you're interested, just send me a message (however that works since I'm brand new to the site) or comment and I'd be down to send over my username!


I'm very inexperienced when it comes to gposing, but here are a couple pictures I took of him for reference. I think it's pretty fair for you to see the guy, first. 





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On 7/22/2021 at 12:15 PM, Charity322 said:

I might have a char who is interested, if my timezone doesn't scare you off. XD

Of course! My sleep schedule is pretty messed up right now so I think it might actually work out (I sleep from like, 7am-6pm). You can DM me with your character or your Discord username if you'd like! 

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