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Viera Treasure Hunter LFRP

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I am currently looking for RP connections for my character. I play in the EST timezone, mostly in the evenings, though I would be happy to do Discord RP if clashing time zones are an issue. 


In general I am looking for:


  • Short or long term RP opportunities (long term is preferable)
  • Discord RP (available anytime)
  • In-game RP (available 2pm to midnight on Saturdays and Sundays, and 10pm to Midnight through the week) 
  • Plot heavy RP 
  • Casual/slice-of-life RP 
  • Past acquaintances and/or family connections
  • Rivals/enemies/antagonistic RP


Follow the links below for character carrds, but here are some brief summaries:

Lothaire Valenfort (Currently on hiatus)

A nobleman and former knight who hails from a minor house in Ishgard, Lothaire is a merchant and craftsman who owns and operates a trading company on behalf of his family. He is a talented goldsmith himself and will occasionally take on private commissions. While he is generally a competent businessman, he does have a weakness for drink and gambling. As a result, he can often be found in taverns, bars and gambling dens—basically anywhere he has a chance to find a decent game.  


Connections I would love to find:


  • Close friends, particularly other Ishgardians

  • Anti-reformationist types (he’s not exactly open about it but is having some trouble adjusting to the ‘dragons are our friends now’ thing)

  • Drinking partners and gambling buddies (would love to get a little private gambling circle going)

  • Chocobo breeders and/or racers

  • Priestly/religious types (Lothaire is very much not, but I’d love to find someone who could try and improve that)

  • Clients seeking private crafting commissions

  • Fellow crafter, gatherer and merchant contacts

  • Any retainers or unemployed knights looking for employment

  • A red mage and/or fencing instructor

Kalyan Damyros

A viera treasure hunter and dealer in relics. Most recently from Radz’at’Han, Kalyan is an adventurer who makes his living in the trade of relics, antiquities and curiosities gleaned from various ruins and far-away places. A private collector of the ancient and the arcane himself, he is currently looking for help in retrieving several items which were stolen from his residence during the chaos of recent events (no spoilers here for those who haven’t finished Endwalker, but more info which could be spoilery can be found on his carrd). 


Connections I would love to find:


  • Potential friends, rivals or love interests

  • An assistant to help him with his work and study

  • Adventurers or other individuals willing to help track down stolen/missing goods (some of which may be dangerous relics)

  • Adventurers and/or treasure hunters interested in joint expeditions, exploration or research ventures

  • Other private collectors of the ancient and the arcane

  • Clients interested in hiring him for expedition/retrieval missions

  • Black market/criminal connections (information brokers, fences, smugglers etc) interested in dealing with more dangerous or questionable items

  • Researchers, historians and scholars of magic




If anyone happens to be interested in interacting with either character, I’d love to RP with you. I’m also open to a wide variety of RP scenarios and encounters. I can be contacted in-game on Zalera via either character, though I’m more likely to be logged in with Kalyan. I can also be reached via Discord (Valtiere #9845) or here on the forums


A little about me:


  • I tend to write single (in-game) or multiple (Discord) paragraphs in RP but I will usually try to match whoever I’m rping with in terms of post length. I don’t enjoy /say only or single line style RPs.
  • I play on Zalera but am happy to visit other servers to join people.
  • I like to be able to talk to people oocly about RP. We don’t need to be best buddies, but I appreciate being able to actually communicate plans with people I RP with.




Character Injury: Yes, but with discussion

Character Death: Never under any circumstance

Mature Subjects: With discussion

Romance: Yes, but for Kalyan only

ERP: No. Strictly fade-to-black only.

Family Connections: Yes, with discussion

Past Acquaintances: Yes, with discussion

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  • Lothaire changed the title to LF RP for my Ishgardian Noble

Hi there! 


I appreciate your thinking on keeping in touch via OOC. It's something that's very important to me. We also both prefer Google Docs and Discord over in-game RP. 


My Lalafell Tafu is looking for work as a retainer or other odd jobs! ( her ad here ) Her specialty is Botany, though she has skills in Weaving as well. She's a bit of a country bumpkin compared to him. I think they could get into some trouble together! 


If you're interested, drop me a PM or a line on Discord Were-Ah#3299

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Bumping with an updated carrd. I added a bit more information about Lothaire and cleaned the page up a bit. Still definitely looking for more RP friends, especially for in-game RP as I’d like to get back into doing more things in game. 

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Hey! This is a little late on, so I hope you're still looking. 


I have a Duskwight bard that's more than down to enjoy some drink / gambling with Lothaire- providing you're interested. His details are here, and I hope to hear from you! 

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As the person before already said, this is indeed rather late, but I hope you're still looking, too!


I have a female Xaela who is currently looking for acquaintances of any sort, be it personal commissions for a gold smith, or actual gambling (she hasn't tried gambling yet, but I can see her slipping into it easily, and drinking honestly isn't a problem, either!)

Since I don't have a carrd (yet), my personal lookout-thread for Saghani will need to suffice for now. I can provide more info, pictures, etc., though, if you want!


Considering the data centre issues, however, Discord is probably our only possible connection right now, so I'm definitely more than thrilled to hear from you!

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I don’t know how I missed the replies here, but apparently I haven’t been paying enough attention. Sorry! I will message the both of you if you’re still around/interested (its been a while).


Otherwise, bumpity bump. I am still looking for contacts, but uh, given my apparent inability to notice replies here, it might be best to send me a pm or a discord poke if you can. 

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  • Lothaire changed the title to LFRP: An Ishgardian Noble and a Viera Treasure Hunter

Update with details on my new character. Lothaire is still available for RP but I would really love to find something to do with Kalyan right now. If anyone’s interested, please send me a private message here or via discord. 

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Updated Lothaire’s profile again, adding a new section to hooks for specific things that I’m looking for. 

Would love to find more in game RP (EST, weekday evenings, afternoons + evenings on weekends) as I’m struggling to keep engaged with discord lately. Discord isn’t out completely, but my replies are slow and sporadic due to irl chaos. I’d rather dive into an hour or two of focused RP in game right now. I’m not great at hunting down RP at public events, so I’d love to set up some good small group or 1-1’s instead. 

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Hello, I'm pretty new so I don't know if I'll be able to offer the meat to rp that you might want. However, I think since my character has been trying to win over nobles for the reformation it could be a fun dynamic. He's a bit of a religious cynic. He struggles with low self-esteem and is still learning to read. He is low born but isn't from Ishgard. He's coming to settle there though. I've only just made it to Stormblood and don't read too much lore to avoid spoilers. If you were willing to give a new guy a chance I'm willing to world travel especially since our time zones and play times look compatible.

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1 hour ago, Saloli said:

However, I think since my character has been trying to win over nobles for the reformation it could be a fun dynamic.

That sounds like loads of fun and I’m always down to RP with new people. Any chance you can shoot me a message/friend request on discord so we can set something up? Its a little easier than trying to catch each other in game, especially with the way the game locks you out of sending tells when running content (which I usually am if I’m logged in).   My Discord is Valtiere#9845. If not, I will keep an eye out for you in game. 

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  • Lothaire changed the title to Viera Treasure Hunter LFRP

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