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Looking for long-term RP partner(s) (Discord/Omega)


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After a lengthy pause in the terms of RPing in this particular game, I've come back and am looking for (a) long-term RP partner(s) for either/both ingame and Discord RPs.


The character...


Name: Saghani Sinclaire

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/her

Race: Xaela

Sexual orientation: Bi (female preference)

Occupation: Mercenary & part-time merchant

Backstory: (Find out...)

Server: Omega

Preferred RP locations:

 » Discord (shu#3064)

 » In-game (server-hopping is okay for me, though keep congestion in mind)

Time zone: GMT+1 (afternoon 'til night)


 » Due to recent and other events further back into her past, Saghani is not the most social of types. She enjoys her alone-time, partially because socialising in and of itself is rather tiresome for her. She rarely shares anything about her past or what events have let up to her current life style, though with time, dedication, and true interest, she will open up. This doesn't mean she is the typical 'I'll stand in this corner and look threatening'-type of adventurer, though. She is very much capable of keeping a conversation going, though for her to actually enjoy it, she might need a nudge or two. Furthermore, despite not seeming like the most altruistic mercenary, she will help those in need; assuming the one or other coin slips into her purse afterwards. 


Possible RP Hooks...


 » Bumping into each other out in the wilderness (possibly a 'Damsel in distress' situation for either character)
 » Commissioning Saghani for her services (namely bodyguarding and other jobs)

 » Commissioning [your character] for additional services like potion making, weapon forging, etc.

 » Targeting/Apprehension of [your character]/Saghani (she did make a lot of enemies throughout her 'career', brainstorming is much welcomed!)

 » Barfight



The player...


With nearly two decades worth of RP experience, I am particularly fond of literal roleplays. I do not mind shorter replies, though I expect more than a one- or two-liner. I enjoy quite detailed scenes and am proficient in both, storytelling with a catching narrative, and following the flow in times of inspiration. I love squeezing in plot twists, additional NPCs, and little knickknacks and quirks about either characters. I'm all up for brainstorming or jumping right into it. My main interests and most enjoyable pleasures definitely lie in the darker themes, though I am not adverse to playing slice-of-life or even romantic plots as long as there is some sort of action/change in them. 



What I'm looking for...


 » long-term RP partner(s) for either/both Discord and in-game

 » slow-burning relationships for Saghani, either platonic, romantic, or more

 » passionate RP hooks with twists and turns to keep it interesting and thrilling for both participants

 » occasional RP 'quickies' for day-to-day bantering and interaction (does not need to be long-term, but that's always welcomed)


Thanks for reading! I hope I could catch your interest. If so, reply here or send me a DM. The easiest way to reach me, however, is through Discord as I'm mostly likely online there all the time!

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