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Beware of newbie and poodle


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Heya guys, my name is Kay, and please allow me to tl;dr about myself!

MMORPG background:

I used to play WoW!  For a little while.  I was only on for two expansions, Cataclysm and Pandaria but I had fun getting into shenanigans with my RP buddies on Wyrmrest Accord.

RP experience

Uhhh… Lemme do the math.  T-twenty?  Twenty years I’ve been at this pretending hobby?  Spread out across a bunch of platforms, mainly Livejournal and Dreamwidth and a smattering of message boards and MMO experience, with a smidge of Discord.

Character ideas/info

I have just the one character right now!  Her name is Rune, and she is my special snowflake and I like her a bunch.  She’s an amnesiac Au Ra Arcanist (say that three times fast!) and an exile/runaway from Garlean, looking to find her place in the world and to better understand herself and her abilities.  Why yes, Terra IS in fact one of my favorite FF characters, whatever gave that away?  Been having a lot of fun with her so far, as OOCly and ICly I get to learn the ropes of the lore and the game.

I’ve got a character journal for her set up on Dreamwidth, too!  Over here:  https://rune-explorer.dreamwidth.org/355.html

How did you learn about the coalition?

I waited until the witching hour, and the perfect alignment of the stars, called upon the hidden forces of the internet to guide my hand, and… Googled FF14 RP.

What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy)

Medium.  A little goofy at times with my emoting, as the writing above probably shows.  But ready to do the dramatic stuff as well!  I also learned that I really love going out into the world to RP and have adventures.

Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.)

Let’s see:  I write nerdy fanfic but I’m too embarrassed to link my account.  I draw nerdy art too, which I’m a little more comfortable about sharing.  My favorite Final Fantasy games are 6, 7, 8, and 10.  9 is a game I respect more than love, but still think it’s cool.  

I’m also playing on the FF14 demo right now instead of the full game, just getting a feel for it right now.


And I have a standard poodle IRL!  He is a good boy; the bestest boy in fact. 


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I really, really adore standard poodles now.  I was really surprised when our first poodle landed on the family doorstep; I didn't know they were secretly adventure dogs as well as being sweet hearts, and doing their best to develop psychic powers.  (They always look at you like they're trying to read your brain, and figure out what you're thinking!)  When it's time for you to select your next doggo, I wish you lots of good luck with that!


Also, maybe because of my experience with poodles I didn't even blink when I was selecting my class; went straight for the pet option!

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Oh, thank you!  I've been having a lot of fun writing up diary entries for her, plus thinking up one of those MSQ AUs that seem popular.  And the different time zones/IRL commitments/etc is one of the reasons why I also look to Dreamwidth and forum RP and the like for some RP opportunities!

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Rune sounds really interesting! I've got her dreamwidth open and I'm reading through it. The idea of using her arcanist spellbook as a diary is very interesting. I'm terribly sad for her! Poor thing. I hope her journey is a fun one. 


BTW, your poodle is sooooo cute. I've always wanted to pet a poodle. Is the fur very thick? It looks like if I pressed my hand in, it would sink down like a feather mattress. 

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Thank you!  It's been such a delight to just write her reactions to all the weirdness she's been going through.  And I admit it's super indulgent and fun for me to learn about the game at about the same pace as the character herself.  Makes it all super immersive.  I am starting to put little breaks between her entries, where the normal RP stops and the MSQ stuff begins since I'm liking both things a lot! 


As for poodle fur... Well, it sort of depends!  See, poodles have a hair coat instead of a fur coat.  Most doggos have fur coats, where their fur grows to a set length and gets shed.  But poodle hair grows and grows and grows until you clip it.  So the texture depends a lot on the length of the coat and how it was groomed and styled.  If it gets cut super close to the skin it feels almost like crushed velvet.  At mid length like in the pic it's very soft and sort of spongey; and if a poodle is recently groomed it feels a lot like touching a big cloud.  I'm very lucky that my doggo loves the pets, and seeks them out!

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Welcome to the community! hope you enjoy your stay and if you ever need any help with things I'm sure people here will help or feel free to reach out to me as I also used to RP on WOW so I know there can be a bit of a jump so feel free to shoot me a message if needed. welcome to the game and also love the majestic poodle boy.

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Thank you!  I sometimes think he's pretty well aware of just how majestic he can be.  Other times... He can be a bit of a goof. 


Stumbling my way towards level 30 now, and I'm slowly getting a feel for how things work.  I also mulled over things a little bit this week, and I think I have another question.  If anyone has any advice on that matter!  If I wanted to wade a little further into the FF14 RP culture and try out a discord server, would there be any recommendations for one?  Probably just one to start out with, since a new discord channel can be pretty overwhelming!

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