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L4P who would like to develop stories together of FFXIV characters and ocs [Discord]

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Hi! I'm Mei, I used to rp on twitter, now have moved to discord and am looking for more partners!

I am looking for someone who would be able to RP heavy, dark, action, high fantasy like story with FFXIV. I have a lovely Vie Ra (she is a crossbreed of Viera and Au Ra) that I miss rping and would love to get back into it. I am a medium-heavy text roleplayer.


My girl is the WOL, I do not mind having multiple WOL and/or just one. I do not care for nsfw or romance as of right now, as I've got several ships with her already, I just want to develop friendships and fights, this can be with OC or Canon characters. Both preferably,, I will canon and oc rp as well.

She is someone who is strong willed, stubborn, and dedicated to her cause, while also being extremely doubtful of herself and what she does. She does not have self confidence, and struggles showing her emotions.

Backstories can be learned via OOC pm or through RP, it is up to you!

Pm if interested!!

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