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Attention all new rpers!

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Hey, you!


Yes, you!


Ever wondered what rp is all about? Ever wanted to get a taste of it, but didn't know where to start? Experienced rper, but always struggle to break into communities?


Then you've come to the right place c:

At the start of open beta, I will be seeking to host bi-weekly RP improv sessions specifically tailored to the new, the shy, and the rp-curious. These events revolve around you! There is no goal in sight other than to help you get your foot (or paw) in the door, and become a part of our community! Through a series of RP practice scenes, discussions, and meeting new people, we'll all start to get comfortsble with each other, and how to interact ICly.


All who wish to participate get their turn to be the star of the show! Better yet, there is absolutely no pressure to 'get it right' as these are for fun practice scenes. We all learn and grow together!


I hope to partner with the RPC Mentorship Program (and any others who are interested) to get this venture launched off the ground, but by helping you get to where you want to go RP-wise, you help us by spreading RP love all across Eorzea!


Keep the RP flowing strong!


(More details will be forthcoming)

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Sounds like a good plan, i will try to pop by if i have time. Would need to know where and when however :3 Gona be fun to get more into the community and get to know you guys.


Would be super if its not to late EU time :3



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I don't know if my schedule will align at all but I'm pretty gun shy with new communities in some ways ( For instance, I've been reading the RPC on and off for a good while and was only finally willing to join to reply to someone suffering RP burnout. Of course, now I'm posting like mad.) and would love a setup to meet with others not already in set groups or purposefully open to meeting those outside their set groups.

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This is a fantastic idea and whilst im not new to RP as a whole I have never really done it on mmo's so I would relish the chance to actually practice with you guys :D.


I'm in the same boat, actually. I'd love to practice before launch.

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Ack!!!" Details details....

*starts to sweat profusely, while scribbling like mad on a notepad*


Server: Balmung

Times: Unspecified weeknight, 9 or 10 EST for NA crowd

Sundays, early for EU crowd (so 2 classes every 2-3 weeks)

Skype: An OOC channel to discuss all things RP in realtime (details to come)

IC channel? (Undecided)

Locations: In the beginner towns, since this is (primarily, but not exclusively) who this for!

Purpose: To explore, and participate in, various types of exercises and discussions that study the many methods and styles of RP all in an effort to learn together, strenghten our community, and improve our RP confidence snd enjoyment!

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Hey this is a great idea, I'm up for it. However is this canon or non-canon?

The idea is to break our immersion just enough to indulge in some light RP, that will help others get a taste of what it's all about.


So though I plan to be IC, it will be non-canon.

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My only issue with the 'non-canon' thing is this:


If I meet your character IC, I'm going to start creating an 'idea' of who/what your character is. Even if we 'meet for real' later after launch... the 'I know you!' feeling will linger and MIGHT color how I (or you) are 'seen' and responded to.


For example...

Say my IC character is meant to be a quiet, recluse... or some twisted evil assassin type. BUT... for the purposes of meeting/getting to know you all OOC and getting comfortable RPing with you... I arrive and am very friendly, silly, interactive, whatever "IC"...


We meet later, you maybe can't recall exactly how we met.. but recall the name and the look, and your mind goes "silly, friendly, funny"- when that is NOT how my character is "for real". I try to play the character, but you get confused because its not the character you recall...

Especially with people new to RP overall and nervous about things/wanting to make a good impression, etc.


Boy- I hope that didn't come across as confusing as I fear it might.

Trust me: makes sense in my mind, but that's not saying much.... :roll:


Basically... I know in the past I've met folks IC and not exactly recalled where or when... OR met them OOC and *thought* I met them IC... which leads to the "oops, meta!" accident when you say their name... haha


Honestly... would actually be a LOT easier if there was going to be a Beta Flush after P4... so we'd all come into the game with fresh characters that we can play as we like, but the ice has already been broken and we've had our IC fun...


Ah well, we'll work it out. :) this is too good an idea to NOT do it, despite the initial confusion it might cause.

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Well, the reason I prefer non-canon is that this idea is essentially for those (but not only those) who don't even have a canon yet! They don't fully know what rp is all about, how to go about making good character backstories, they may have some lore questions... a lot of stuff that may have to be handled OOC as well.


I don't know that there is a way to have it be part of canon, given the nature of the event, which is to provide rp support/help, which doesn't really fit complete IC.


If you think of an acting improv class, while the actors are doing a scene, they are completely IC. Afterwards, they discuss things OOC, and may adjust their IC personalities in future scenes, as they play around and experiment with things they like and don't like. It's a stress-free environment for people to try out and learn things before they commit to; 'yea, I think this is who my character is'.



EDIT: However, you raise an interesting point, that people will want to see activities regarding different things. As such, activities will be clearly labelled ahead of time as Beginner or Intermediate, and Canon or Non-Canon.


For instance, we could have an event that is purely a Canon meet n greet; or a contest of some sort, in which there would be legitimate RP reasons to be there and treat it as Canon.


Wish I could explain it better, sorry xD

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Actually... that sounds like a workable plan, Magellan.

Initially meet OOC, "hi, how are ya, yadda yadda" then have short 'IC sessions' that help work on different things based on skill level- or just what is needed.


If it begins as an OOC thing with 'IC short sessions' then discuss OOC... that would work great IMHO.


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