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Veteran RPer in a New Place. Help me out?

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Hey guys, so veteran RPer here.  Honestly, I've been rping since the days of Ayenee (Arts & Entertainment Yahoo Chat.) and I've pretty much played, or at least given a cursory dip of the toes into everything since.  Played on various mediums and worlds but spent a good majority of my time on things like Neverwinter Nights and things of that nature.  Having said that.... I do have a few questions and I figured the best way to get them answered is to ask veterans of this community in particular.   So here goes!


1.  What kinds of jobs do typical characters have in Eorzea?   I suppose what I really mean is... what 'types'.  Obviously, you're not going to RP the Warrior of Light (Unless you want to get eye-rolled into oblivion and back) and from my understanding certain things are exceptionally rare.  Are our battle-jobs (My character is a Samurai) widely regarded as acceptable in certain terms or are most characters based around more 'mundane' jobs?  If they are accepted, to what extent?   

For example:   Could my character be a Samurai from Kugane who hunts down demons and malicious spirits?  Or, would it be better and more widely accepted to just be someone who practices bushido and lives the lifestyle of a warrior?


2.  Is there somewhere I can read about Eorzeon cultures from an RP perspective?  I know a bit about the lore as I've gone through the entire story (And I do mean entire) and paid attention to it, read into, etc, but there is only so much that can be gleaned at face value.  (For the record I've played for a few years just haven't made the jump into RP here for whatever reason)


3.  This one is oddly specific.  In most of the formats/mediums I've played in it's been the cultural norm to write somewhat lengthy (Not excessive, but lengthy), verbose, small-paragraph style emotes when interacting with others (Obviously, no godmodding, auto-'hits', and things of that nature).  Is that something that's done here?  or is it usually more succinct and based around the IG emotes that function?    I guess in my mind I assumed it's a combination of both and probably depends on who you are RPing with but for the sake of not looking like a moron going into this, I figured I would ask. 

Thank you guys for your help in advance and if there's any suggestions/material you think I should take into consideration/read please let me know!

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1. Can't speak for everyone else, but I roleplay a craftsman first, combat second kind of character. Even have my apartment set up as a storefront, as it were. Primary focus is on Weaving, Goldsmithing, and suchlike. Even have a slight rep as being someone to come to when people need good gear quick, since (until very recently) my stockpile of materials [was] the stuff of legend. I myself see nothing wrong with playing a samurai what hunts down spirits and whatnot, the gods know Eorzea has enough unusual phenomena.


2. Part of the reason I'm commenting is for answers on this, I too am curios on that. I mean, I've picked up the lore from being MSQ current, playing the game for HELLA years, devouring every bit of sidecontent I can, and in general, eating, sleeping, and breathing FFXIV. Sadly, the wikis are basically meh, so it leaves me to chat about the lore with my FC and my LS mates. Which we do. A bloody lot.


3. Most of the people I've RP'd with use a mix of both--just don't emote at people and call that RPing, if you follow me? I tend to do full complete sentences, but not going into paragraphs. Text box is only so big, and not everyone is blessed with a 1440p monitor.


Outside that, just have fun with it. But you probably already knew that!

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1)  Play your character how you enjoy playing them.  Too many times I've seen others try to tailor their character thinking it will make them more acceptable and they will have more interaction.  This is generally not the norm.  Do what you find enjoyable and the people that enjoy your rp will follow.  As far as discussing specific jobs, I have a character that hunts voidsent with an almost religious fervor. People enjoy interacting with her despite her grim attitude.


2)  Encyclopedia Eorzea is a wonderful resource if you have the means to buy one.  There are plenty of discussion threads here if you search keywords.  You can also talk to npcs in game.  There is plenty of lore just sitting there to pick up.  If you're unsure about any of those, then starting your own thread might yield the results you want.


3)  Everyone has their own style of writing.  However, most do at least one paragraph, 4 to 5 sentences, when interacting with others.  I generally mirror what I'm given in rp.  As far as interacting, all of my rp interactions have been through whispering the person first.

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Hello there, welcome!

1. While most people aren't going to RP the WoL for good reason, there's plenty of opportunity to give your character less mundane jobs and hobbies. How "normal" you want to make your character is totally up to you!

2. You can get pretty good context clues just from playing through the game, reading everything, and paying attention. Encyclopedia Eorzea is a great resource and some folks have uploaded parts of it online as well if you don't want to spend the money! Otherwise I'd recommend searching around for anything in particular that interests you as there are often lore compilations on here, tumblr, or the official forums and reddit.

3. It's really up to you. Everyone has their own style and post length, and will often try to adjust and match the others around them. I don't think you'd be out of place writing lengthier posts here. There are many I've found in this community who are for some reason pretty against description and character insight in RP posts? But I honestly don't understand or agree with that, and I haven't found it to cause any issue for those of us who do like to write that way. 

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1.) I don't think very many people would have problems with a demon-hunting samurai.  Voidsent are a common threat in Eorzea and samurai is a common profession.   Not to mention, you don't always have to be a specific job.  My main character uses a gunblade, but she isn't a gunbreaker.   She's just a warrior (in the generic sense of the word) that just so happens to fight with a gunblade. 


2.) As mentioned Encyclopedia Eorzea.  There's a few wikis that have some extra bits of information... Or at least information that exists in the game that's more easily accessible.


3.) I think this tends to be how most people role-play in Final Fantasy, both in-game and on discord.

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Having played a lot on Neverwinter Nights, the main difference I've found hard to adjust to is your class not necessarily being a part of your character. I've made up for that by not taking a class that I don't think that my character would be interested in (this is also why I have multiple alts XD). The other thing is not counting everything you do as IC. Obviously it's hard to have stuff like MSQ IC, but I'm used to servers where you're 100% IC all the time.


I have to admit that paragraph RP scares me. I'm not that good a RPer. My opening salvo is more likely to be: "Hello, how are you?" *sits down* I don't have a whole paragraph to say. XD

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1. your job can really be anything within reason. most occupations tend to be things like alchemists etc however you can also be things like treasure hunters or bounty hunters etc. really the only rule is don't be a WOL/ don't be a main character type role if that makes sense.

2. your best bet would either be the EE as people have mentioned, WIKIs, some youtubers do a good job or asking RPers you meet.


3. It depends on the player, I normally do full paras but I will mirror if people are not up to that, you will find all different lengths etc, specially when someone is new to the content and so on.

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