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Looking for some new RP connections

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Now that I've finally gotten around to making carrds for my girls, I'd like to work on finding them some connections.


I'll start things off with Nyx. She's a sweet girl who has amnesia and a good deal of trouble socializing, so it would be nice to get her some close friends. https://nyx-vena.carrd.co/



Now, after Nyx we have Lio. She's a bit more complicated but I put a lot of time and effort into her carrd, so I'll recommend you give that a read rather than me trying to explain here. https://lio-solaine.carrd.co/

Lio is struggling to move forward with her life and ideally find new love or at least some close friends she can rely on.


If you're interested in either, you can shoot me a message here or on discord which I listed in Lio's carrd 🙂

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