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Hiya! I'm Data Roxas! I'm on the Primal Datacenter, Excalibur to be exact. But I'm thinking of making an alt on Crystal! I have a decade's worth of experience in roleplaying on forums, but exactly none in chats or games. So this will be a new venture for me! I intend to make a female viera - but then fantasia into a male viera when Endwalker comes out! The only downside of making an alt is that i'll have none of my MSQ progress, mounts, emotes, or anything (since I can't afford that kinda stuff otherwise. Money is always tight.) But I'm sure it will be fine! I'm hoping to get on Balmung. Anyways, nice to meet ya'll! And I hope to have fun! 


Edit: Got on Balmung!

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Hello, and welcome!


Also, congrats on getting into Balmung! Back when I started, it was like semi-permanently congested lmao, so it always sounds like a great accomplishment to get on there! I feel you on the not having all your glams, emotes, MSQ progression, etc. @[email protected] But hopefully the Datacenter Travel/Visit feature will help out! I know I made a copy of my character on Aether DC to play with a friend over there, and it just felt so weird not having all my fancy things. ;-;


This was also my first game that I roleplayed in, so it definitely takes some adjustment going from forums and multi-para posts to in-game rp! If you ever need any help with that, just gimme a holler! =u=/

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