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So... looks like I'm back!

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Hey, folks. Some of you might remember me as the guy that took over the Silver Anvil in 1.0. It looks like the original leader is here to stay for ARR, so that's awesome.


As for me, I wish I could say that I'm returning under better circumstances... I didn't really plan on it, but a good majority of my FFXI event shell is leaving for XIV, and motivation to progress further was so low that we ended up disbanding earlier this week.


Since then, I've applied and been accepted into The Blue Skies Adventuring Company, and as I write more and more for my new character I find myself getting fired up even when I promised myself I wouldn't, haha~


I should clarify that I will -not- be playing Nikolai this time around. I have a few things planned for him, but as I'm not legacy (something I'm still a little broken up about, but c'est la vie) I will only be playing the one character, which I definitely want to be a male miqo'te, and I don't feel like retconning Niko. I'll be doing my best to just enjoy myself and not have a panic attack when I look at my bill and am reminded that I'm paying more for fewer characters... @_@


At least I can console myself by once again immersing myself in this awesome RP community. Really glad to see you guys are still going strong. I'm looking forward to seeing old and new faces. '-')b

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Great to have you back Nikolai! I'm sure there are some other people around here who have missed you just as much as I have! I still got you on my friends list from 1.0 and like always, if you ever need help getting up to speed with your new character or just want someone to RP with, I'm just a /tell away! :tonberry:

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