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[Balmung] Sea Wolf Gunbreaker seeking connections!

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Hello there!  I'm Bhratwyb, and I'm on the hunt for connections for my Roegadyn main. Bhrat is a former pirate gone member of the Maelstrom, and uses their talents picked up as a captain of a pirating vessel to great effect on the battlefield.  They're a natural born leader and not too shabby with their gunblade either.  They're an extroverted soul that enjoys interacting with others, be they new acquaintances or old friends, but their trust is hard to earn—though when it's there they're a steadfast friend for life (unless you were to do something to break that trust, anyway).


I'm hoping to meet people interested in adventurous RP, along with the occasional slow session with slice of life themes.  Variety is the spice of life, and too much of one singular thing can get somewhat stale.  I'm open to hanging out in the Lane, going out into the world to fight monsters and baddies, or relaxing at one of the many wonderful venues hosted by this fantastic community.



  • MERCENARY FOR HIRE. Bhratwyb is something of a skilled mercenary, though they also specifically sell their services as a bodyguard from time to time. Their skills are for hire by anyone in need of a monster slain or an armed escort through dangerous lands.
  • MAELSTROM VETERAN. Looking at their position as little more than political shackles, Bhratwyb at least wears a smile about the Maelstrom in public. Any fellow member of the Maelstrom may openly wonder how someone so reluctant to follow orders has made it as far as they have.
  • RETIRED PIRATE. They spent most of their life aboard ships as a ruthless pirate, cutting a bloody swath especially through the Rhotano Sea. Pirates or sea-fairing merchants might be able to recognize them from that former chapter of their life.
  • BOZJAN RESISTANCE. While not there to see things to their conclusion, Bhratwyb still fought alongside others for the liberation of Bozja from the hands of Garlemald. Their voice could have been heard over the booming of magitek artillery fire.
  • MENTOR/MENTEE. During the early stages of the Bozjan resistance, Bhratwyb served alongside the ranks of true Gunbreakers, learning the basics of their trade in the brief window they were involved in. While they know their stuff enough by now to pass along to others, they aren’t opposed to someone more skilled than them sharing some extra lessons.


What I'm Looking For

  • STORY. Nothing is greater to me in roleplay than character development. I'm a huge fan of the story and the journey.
  • QUALITY. I'm less picky about how many paragraphs you write than how well you write them. We all make mistakes and I'm not going to judge you for a spelling error or some typos.
  • COMMUNICATION. Silence is the RP killer. If you need to take a break due to real life, or you're not happy with the direction the RP is going, please say something! If we don't communicate things won't last very long, and it's a two way street we should both walk together.
  • LONG-TERM. Anything that last more than a couple of RP sessions is greatly favorable over the alternative.  I'm a big fan of character development and growth, and these more easily come to those longstanding plots that take their time to chew through.
  • FRIENDSHIP. Bhrat could always use more friends and companions!  Specifically they're looking for those that they can trust and count on when the chips are down.
  • RIVALS. Little inspires personal growth more than a friendly (or even not so friendly) rivalry.  Someone to compare yourself to and measure yourself against.
  • ADVENTURE. Whatever takes us out into the world and puts us in the shoes of an adventurer.  I'm all for going back to the bar afterwards for some R&R, but too much time in the Lane or Gold Court dulls the blade (and mind).


With my work schedule and lifestyle I can be around in-game most evenings, and I always have my phone handy in case of Discord RP or just OOC chatter.  I live in the PST timezone (GMT-8), and I'm rarely a functional enough night owl to make it past 10PM without getting really sleepy (though enticing RP has a habit of keeping me alert past this point).


Included below is my carrd, which contains my contact information if you'd like to hash out any details with one another!



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