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I found my way! Somehow...

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Hi! I am Kalazel_Sternenblau from germany [UTC+1] and playing mainly on datacenter Light, server Phoenix. I do have more characters on the different servers tho that I use to RP or at least try to use them for RP, for that matter I just started with it and am more or less a novice in it. I didn't participated so far in group RPing, only in solo RPs with one person in a party.


I played the game back then in 2010 when the game wasn't popular like today and was one of the first Warriors of Light, but since the game wasn't very good back then, I quitted it. When it got back online 2013 I was skeptic but with the release of Heavensward I started playing the game again and since then I play it and enjoy it with my whole heart and soul!


I don't have much RP Experiences so far and maybe my character Backgrounds aren't as good as from the pro's here but I am still learning :D


So far I RPd with those Characters of mine:

Kalazel Sternenblau


A Roegadyn like creature that was created eons ago from Misstres Venat to aid the Warrior of Light to prevent the Final Days. She was put to sleep however and should go to Eitherys when the Warrior of Light shows him/herself and the Loporrits should guard her. However... They forgot about her completely and so it comes that Kalazel overslept... everything. Now she seeks the Warrior of Light, searching for a new purpose... or at least to be helpful at all...


Yennefer Ri'via

A young woman afar from her home. Strange dreams plagued her since her childhood, then suddenly disappeared only to start again in the night of her 21st birthday again. She started her Adventure newly in Gridania and aided the Citystate with the Attack of the Ixals and found her second Crystal of Light and joined recently the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.


How did you learn about the coalition?

I found your Character Wiki through another RPer and thought, maybe I can find more people to RP with here in your coalition.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be?

Well I would say Light to Medium. I am working 6 days in a week and most times if I am online (thanks for the queues since release of Endwalker) I am online in the Evenings.


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?

I don't mind sharing private things. However, I think it mainly depends on the situation and what kind of information it is, that should be shared. And the mood. Of course the mood is important too!

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Welcome to the site, Kalazel_Sternenblau! I'm glad you gave FFXIV another try, they've done such a good job with it. 


All RP veterans started somewhere, and even those who are very experienced can still learn more. Take your time, have fun and feel free to ask fellow RPers questions. 😊

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