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Newish to game, spanking new to RP


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Hey everyone! I've been in FFXIV for just over a year now and got hooked in a bad way, as you do. Looking to expand my experiences with some roleplaying, since that's a bit of a hobby of mine in general.


MMORPG background:


A few. Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Trek Online mostly, my MMO days started way back with Rappelz and Silk Road Online (pretty good for free Korean MMOs). I'm not close to an expert with the games, in fact my gaming skills overall can be graciously described as "adequate", but I know my way around an MMO.


RP experience:


 A bit. I'm in an RP-heavy fleet in Star Trek Online and have dabbled in RP in Star Wars, the majority of my experience comes from Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, my character in FFXIV started life as a DnD character! Which leads me to:


Character ideas/info:


I'd primarily be playing with my Miqote, Damara.




She's a carryover from DnD where she was a mouthy charlatan Bard with a penchant for mischief (I'm a Viera currently because fanta is fun to play with, but I'll be back to cat when the story quests continue). Her story has some fleshing out, I'm mostly pulling the generic stuff from DnD, but sprinkling in some lore-friendly options.


I have an in-world idea for her non-standard Miqote name (basically she wanted to hit the reset button and make her own way in the world), but it probably needs fleshing out to be fully lore friendly. Since leaving she's bounced around an assortment of the usual wanderer stuff: some dancing here, some thieving there, a stint in a brothel, some boring caravan work, generic adventuring tasks, etc. She loves music, tinkering, and giving prudish sorts apoplexy (Ishgard is ripe for the scandalizing in her mind). She's late 20's but doesn't act it.


How did you learn about the coalition?


The mighty Googles.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy)


Light to medium for now? Maybe stray into heavy if I really enjoy it. Assuming I'm understanding the levels correctly.


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.)


Lots of hobbies, which explains the small bank account. Compulsive tinkerer, I'd much rather spend twice as much for something half as well built if it means I did it myself! Also a big music nut.


Look forward to getting to know peeps more and launching into some RP shenanigans!

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Thanks! I'm still trying to figure things out. Might have to wait for the DC visiting thing to be implemented since I seem to be on the non-RP datacenter, but that'll give me time to sort my character out more!

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Welcome to the website, Blze!  ^_^


I think it's cool when RPers bring in their characters from other games to see how they evolve and react in a different setting. I hope you have a delightful experience RPing in FFXIV and that your charming bard finds a place in the world of Hydaelyn. 

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