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Excited and hopeful this will be fun!


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Hello everyone! You can call me Fish, I've been figuring out how to enter the FFXIV RP community and I suppose this would be the best spot to get started. Not really sure about all the quid pro quos when it comes to RP'ing in this game, but excited to learn and get to the roleplay.


MMORPG background


I've played Old School RuneScape most of my life, since 4th grade and that is really the most I've ever played an MMORPG. I have dabbled in WoW here and there, but didn't really like how the game was turning out. I like remade MMOs from when I was a kid, things like Club Penguin Rewritten, ToonTown Rewritten, The Legend of Pirates Online. Started playing FFXIV around the time everyone was moving from WoW to FFXIV because it just looked like a great game through and through and to my delight it has been. The community is wonderful, the game is fun, and the story has been the only one I've paid any attention to in an MMO.


RP experience


My RP experience is limited to probably most others, but I began technically when I was a kid and didn't really understand that there were people who did the same thing: I'd make up characters and give them their own backstories, one story that I've kept up to this day kind of ties into my FFXIV character, but it would take a long time to explain. I kind of fell in love with video games because I could tie them into characters or stories I was crafting on my own.


In terms of actually RP experience as it pertains to games, I played SAMP Horizon RP for a few years - before it started getting less about RP and more about DMing - where I made my own character and have fleshed out his life and ambitions pretty thoroughly over the years and with the release of a new serious RP SAMP server, I've continued the legacy with his son. I have also played a little bit of FiveM and RageMP but wasn't really thrilled by the whole thing.


I do have limited DnD experience, have never played with a group who saw an entire campaign through because of different reasons, but I really enjoyed the time I have played DnD.


Character ideas/info


I'll primarily be using my character that I have at the moment, if by any chance I created my character on one of the servers you all utilize. His name is Virgil Pesh. Like I said, the backstory would take much too long to explain, but he is a friendly black mage who is constantly battling a curse that was imbued in him during his creation - a corruption that stems from his purple eye, where the curse was placed. As he loses the battle with himself, his hair begins to turn more and more white until - during periods of blackouts when he is not himself nor can remember his actions - all of his hair turns white. It is only with time and moments that ground him back to reality that he regains consciousness and the hair's color flourishes.


I have other ideas for other characters as well, but I really like my current character. If it so happens that I'd have to join a different server, I could always make another character.


How did you learn about the coalition?


After trying to find a RP group in all the wrong places apparently, I found the website on Google.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy)


Light RP, maybe interested in the other ones if I learn more about FFXIV, but at the moment I just enjoy RPing for fun with no lore knowledge.


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.)


I am turning 25 in one week and I'm currently in between gigs. I work as an insurance adjuster, so I work when I'm needed for natural disasters like hurricanes or big events like the Texas freeze that happened last year. I'm on hiatus but after my birthday, I'm going to begin accepting jobs as they come and working towards acquiring more adjusting licenses.


I love drawing, writing, reading, and if any members were interested in reading something together at some point like a pseudo book club, that would be so awesome.


Not in school currently nor do I plan to go to school unless I'd need the degree for some other field I'd like to go into or if I decided to learn a new skill like I was thinking of going to culinary school in a couple years if I can learn enough on my own.


Really excited to meet everyone and start RPing!

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