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Shinra's Reflection - Looking for assistance in building a familiar organization!

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After the destruction of Garlemald, the various facilities that once spanned it’s landscape have fallen to ruin and decay. Due to the betrayal at the hands of Zenos, the people of Garlemald still suffer in cold, illness, and more despite the intervention on behalf of the Warrior of Light. The location of the Nuclear Reactor at the Prypius facility, which once provided power to hospitals, city heat, lighting, and everything in between, is now the site of our focus.

From teams ranging on restoring, repairing and getting the facility operating once more, perhaps better than ever, to adventurers, empowered by these new discoveries and the protection of our great lands as a whole, we will ensure the safety of our realm, at any cost. Should a threat rise up from any corner of our borders, or beyond, we will rise to answer. We are Shinra.

Final Fantasy VII was one of the greatest games I'd ever touched, and thanks to it and the other Square Enix games that followed it, I learned a great many lessons that helped me as I grew older. Now that I'm nearing Thirty, a girl enjoys reflecting on the things that helped her kind of, grow up, and cope with life. That love for Final Fantasy VII grew into this idea. A few of us have been developing what this shard's reflection of Shinra might look like, complete with SOLDIER, and our own science experiments!

Fans of keeping things as lore friendly as possible, whilst still taking a few fun liberties and filling in blanks here and there for the purpose of story telling, as well as D&D, we're developing a full D20 combat system for this community, and need people who'd be willing to lead various facets of the Shinra Organization ICly alongside us.

Please send me a DM on Discord at Ria Sage#1617 If you're interested!
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