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The Licentia Eterna 


The Licentia Company is a trade organization founded by

R'zulya Naryixa. The company has been serving the people

of Eorzea and abroad for decades.

It's known to most for it's nigh immaculate record of service, offering a wide variety of services such as networking and trade, but may also offer services such as courier service, and caravan protection, but the company is not limited to these services.

Loan services are also offered to smaller businesses and individual traders, and merchants doing their dealings under the partnership of the company will receive protection and funding for their endeavors.


As of now, recruitment missives branded with the Naryixa family crest have spread across Eorzea and abroad, tipping the scales towards their well established organization. The intricately printed letters inviting like-minded people individuals for employment and companionship, for both the company’s own benefit and theirs.


The company functions primarily as a strong foundation for it's various tradespeople to expand their reach and grow their businesses, but remains it's own entity as a trade association under Eorzea’s law(s). Given the nature of the guild, many facets of it's structure are flexible as to allow merchants, tradespeople and all others under the company to work as they see fit, so long as their methods are profitable, and the company’s investments are not wasted on fruitless endeavours.


While it may serve true that the company houses mostly artisans and tradespeople, there is more than meets the eye. Operating within the confines of the Licentia Lodge, the inter workings of the company’s hierarchy are a bit more fleshed out, unseeable by the untrained eye. There is more to them than the word on the street, thus allowing for the company to maintain their wealth, status, and to bring forth a wide variety of business avenues for both its members, and its patrons. The company has always maintained a culture of camaraderie and pride, be it among the traders working under the company name or those among the company’s prestigious rankings. Despite each walk of life differing from one another, the bond between unkept misfits and well mannered merchants may prove to be untouchable.



Actively Seeking / Hiring





Security Detail
Information Brokers


Book Keepers
Licentia Eterna's Charter

I. While not all of our endeavors may fall in line with the law, you must maintain a strong sense of morality. A distinction between right and wrong, and when action is called for. 
II. Any funding or employment opportunities provided by the company will not be abused. These are to be used the way they were intended. While accepting funding or work from the company, you must maintain professionalism and respect.
III. All contacts met within the company should be respected and not be abused. There is a level of professionalism that must be enacted when doing business under the company's name.
IV. Your loyalty is to your brothers and sisters, those under the company's crest. Never reveal sensitive information that could hurt them, and do tarnish the reputation of them or the company.
V. Never perform any thievery of the company's assets, or any of the contacts that served either under or in accordance with the company.
VI. All contacts in alliance with the company are to be safeguarded, protected, and assisted if needed. 
VII. All department heads must make monthly reports regarding each of their disciples, including their progress, achievements, and accomplishments for the company. Promotions are to be gained from strength and progress.

Out Of Character

Rules and Regulations

• About •

While our free company is more heavily oriented towards roleplaying, we also participate in every other aspect of the game. If you'd like to organize other events either among yourselves or as a guild, feel free to do so. We will not turn anyone away if they aren't heavily experienced with roleplay. We aim to teach and we also enjoy learning from others.

• Age Requirement •

We tend to foster a more mature outlook in things, and aren't always going to be able to control and filter most comments and conversations within in the guild. That being said, we also may roleplay mature topics like violence and poverty, which may not be for everyone. So we do ask that you are at least nineteen and older to join.

• Virtues •

While we are understanding to the fact that we are all human, and may have disagreements from time to time, the council of the free company won't hesitate to step in if need be. There are ways to handle a disagreement properly, and we are certain everyone will make the right choices. While joking around is inevitable, please ensure that you know that some things are not, and will never be funny. Please be mindful to people's sensitivities to certain topics that may disrupt peaceful order.

• Communication •

Remaining true to your heart and expressing complete honesty when dealing with situations such as disputes or absences will allow for us to gain trust and build a relationship with you. Everyone, including our council members, should be respectful, truthful and like-minded. That being said, we do need communication when it comes to absences within the guild. Acting closed off and reserved will not help you become integrated with the company.


The more you give to us in terms of interest, energy and activity, the more we can return to you.

• Roleplay •
While we understand that misunderstandings and misinterpreted roleplay responses can happen, we do not tolerate god-modding, metagaming, or any form of powerplay within Dragalia. These types of abusive roleplay response can deal detrimental blows to good immersive roleplay, and can ruin the fun. If you have any concerns regarding this, please privately reach out to our high ranking team. Do not deal with the situation yourself.


Official Contacts
If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact any of the accounts given below!


Company Grandeur

Founder / Guild Master

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