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LF Multiple RP Contacts

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Hey, hey, hey! I'm admittedly super shy about posting this, however, I'd love to get these two out meeting people/connections outside of bar venues and other little events like that, something more long term. I've been roleplaying for over ten years but only about a year on FFXIV itself. My preference is multi-para but I tend to adjust to my rp partners length post comfort. Discord, Google Docs, and in-game are all okay options for me! PST time zone, available weeknights or during most hours on the weekends.


If you have any questions about either of them please don't hesitate to ask! I'm happy to talk about my characters anytime. ;v;


J'aecar Tia


Race :: Miqo'te

Age :: 30

Occupation :: Escort for hire

Alignment :: Chaotic Neutral





Baer Stokvik


Race :: Viera

Age :: Appears 30

Occupation :: Fishermen w/ a past in dancing

Alignment :: Neutral Good





Also, I'm working on a female Ejunn tribe member who's a bit of a lazy, day dreamer compared to her other tribemates. If you'd like to make connections with her I'm all ears such as siblings, childhood friends, etc. she's just not as fleshed out or in-game yet compared to the two above.

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