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Just another Rp'er

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For the last week or so, I have been reading the forums, stalking posts and trying to blend in like a Ninja, you know just the normal stuff people do when they look at another site.... Well I hope I am not the only one. ^^


So about me? Well for the one's who don't recall my name, my name is Luke Kovacs aka Vokcas and I am a 21year old Business Apprentice in that game with amazing graphics and features but the story is rubbish and they is no re-spawns. In my spare time like you all, I love gaming.


Over the last 7-8 year's I have played many Mmo's WoW, Swtor, Tera, Lotro, Gw2, Dmo, Sto, Tsw and AoW. So in a figure off speech I have been around the Mmo market a few times, never settling. Maybe it's because the game's are a little to cartoony for my taste. This is one of the reasons I was drawn to Final Fantasy XIV (The Original) but by the time I got around to thinking about buying it, I heard that the game was going under so it kinda put me off.


Now this is not my first Final Fantasy, as I have played most of the RPG's not including Dirge of Cerberas, the tactis verison of 12 and a Chocobo Tale. So I felt like I owed to give this another chance under the new team.


Before I stop, I have been Roleplaying now for around 3year give or take now, tending to favorite the underdogs for example, Alliance, Republic you get the picture. I plan to play on Gilgamesh (how ever it is spelt) because I want to help build up the RP community over there, I will also make a character on Balmung to of course.


I think that is about everything really beside from mentioning I play GMT1. So once again hello fellow Rpers.


Vok (Vokcas)

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Yoyo! Do you feel like a pioneer, sir? Because you are a Gilganeer! I made that up just now, and yes, I AM proud of it. I love smoosh words >.> But enough of that! We're here to help, so if you need it, want it, gotta have it... just ask! Meanwhile we have some hopefully-helpful guides you might wanna check out and a lovely little lore lexicon, which many have found to be quite helpful, too! Welcome!

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Thanks once more for all the friendly welcomes and Xenedra thanks for the links, I will make sure to take a look at them, more so the lore one. ^^

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