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A large pink cloud scuttles in....


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Hello everybody! I go by Kaloki and I'm a 26 year old female working in the medical field. I've played many different games. Some of those games include WOW, SWG, TSO, EQ2, GW2 and many others I can't even think of the names of at the moment but those are the major ones. Been roleplaying since I was fifteen and looking forward to a new community in FFXIV since I just got into beta! I'm planning on playing on both Balmung AND Gilgamesh though coming with my linkshell whichever one they decide to pick will be my main character. I'm leaning towards a Miquote Ranger and an elzen conjurer to start off with. I'm hoping to open up an IC fashion shop with my main pink miquote which would be fun to play! Hope to meet many new people and hopefully get some help figuring out this game since I'm brand new to it.



xoxo Loki

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Thankies for the hello everyone! *Waves* :)

Bringing a whole crew from GW2?  Not bad, not bad.


Good to see you again, Loki.  I hope whichever server you and your friends decide on will treat you grand-ly!


Ryuuuuuukkkiiii! Of course I'll make a character on Balmung and come Bug say hi to you! *tackles him* And one on Gilgamesh. This way I can visit with everybody.

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