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Follow me to Soliloquy where entertainment is always free~[open to ALL]

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Oh hello~! There are some of you that know about the Soliloquy Tavern RP Chat and some that don't. Which is fine! And hence why I am posting here on the forum as well. Why? Because I am an RP addict and I want to RP with everyone!! So...Whoever you are...and whatever your character please drop them in!! I cant promise that shenanigans wont ensue~! But here is a chance to RP with people you may have never RPed with or perhaps just kill some time until Beta P4. So Please...RP WITH ME!!!


Oh yeah.. and if youa re so inclinded to join here is the Tavern menu~!






Ever have one been so inclined to follow their weary feet to a place of welcome and comfort. A place that one can be themselves and enjoy a pint or two in the grand company of others; Taverns. The streets could be lined with taverns. Each attempting to beckon and call to those that would seek there sweet refuge. All these taverns of course had their local wares of food and beverage.  Some of them offer quiet. Some offering...//favors//. Others offering –well the point was made that whatever suit your fancy it could be found.


Here we find ourselves nestled in the on the southern isles of Limsa, a tavern known of their performance arts tavern is snuggled amongst the warehouses and wards. In fact, the inside resembles an old market ward, gutted and refurbished with a bar to one side and a stage to the other. Large round tables are scattered between, save for a cleared area in the center where a performance or two may take place. As per the owner's taste whole place is draped in red silks and satin, sort of much like her endearing name sake "Red".  


One. Two. Three.


One. Two. Three.


The most rewarding of the entertainer and bar tender this eve was being free from all of that platemail! Best of all...no metal clunky shoes...There was nothing better than the feeling of bare feet on a cool and smooth surface. Slowly she begins to sway back and forth. A toe delicately pointed arcs about in wide half circle firmly planting behind the lithe and lanky russet headed highlander hyur.


Seemingly from no where a sword is pulled from her side as she begins to twist and twirl it about her body. In a grand flourish one sword becomes two, splitting into identical twin blades as she danced a about in vibrant colors and glints of steel blurring in a motion of sunset colored fabric. The sword dancer continued to twist and twirl about as cold steel would be her partner in this dance.  Truly a perfect art of meshing something feminine with something bloodthirsty and deadly. She spins in circles creating a art and strange harmony between the blades and her body. Her skirts filling the empty space with each twist and twirl she makes.


One blade pressed flat against her back while the outer isout stretched she twirls about gracefully. In a quick and languid movement her arms switched as she reversed. The balls of her feet were beginning to grow warm from the friction of the calloused skin rapidly moving in circles about the polished hardwood floor.


Just her dance comes to a finish she ends with one of herblades held out and pointed to the new patron while the other raised high over her head. Panting and out of breath she grins.



"Evening..." Shedrew in a ragged breath and smiled. "Welcome to Tavern Soliloquy"

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Alothia walks into the familiar setting...well, familiar now, a smile on her face, and seeming much lighter than usual. Her pink hair was fluffed out, and her ears twitched a bit as she looked around the tavern, alighting on Abai and her swords. She grinned and clapped loudly for the woman, "Very nice, Abai! One of these days I'll have to come in and see you do the whole thing!" She chuckled before meandering over to the bar and taking a seat on one of the worn stools in front of it.


She pulled a small gil pouch from her bag and set it on the bar, moving the coins around inside so that they could clank together softly. She rested her elbow on the bar, and her hand in her chin, gazing at the various liquids behind the counter, her eyes weighing each one before she would make her choice.


"Anything on special tonight, Abai?" Alothia inquired. "I don't know what I'm in the mood for...and I don't much feel like a Tonberry's Torch, although those are fantastic." She waited for the woman to return to the bar before making any final decisions, and instead just sat there and watched Abai move around the tavern.

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The young male pushed his way by the door and stopped to blink at Abai after he entered. Today he was only wearing a pair of shorts, some sandals, and a spear hung from his shoulder by a small rope as he patted some sweat from his face with an old rag. "Uhm..." Was all the lad could say before he hurried over an empty stool at the bar.



U'zhan pulled out a few gil to pay for a drink and just set them in front of him before he noticed Alothia. "Oh! Hello Alothia, it's good to see you again." He gave the familiar woman a small wave.

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She turned away from watching Abai to the newcomer who walked through the door, smiling broadly as he took a seat at the bar.


"Heya U'zhan! How are things? Still being chased by the ladies?" She raised her eyebrow at him and chuckled softly. "Good to see you again. Care to join me for a drink?" She motioned to the bar. "Once Abai gets over here, I'll buy you one. You can tell me how things have been going since I last saw you."

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Taking a deep inhaled to attempt to regulate her breathingthe russet headed hyur beamed with delight to the cotton candy tresses miqo'te lass. "Aye!! An' Perhaps just maybe Ah can con vince ye to join me, aye?" She winked and shrugged as she lowered her arms regain some sort of normal stance."What have ye been up to lately...Ah missed seeing ye fayce for a wee bit" Emerald orbs look up to the door that opened once again as a starlight haired maleqo'te entered. She waved with a free hand before putting the two blades back into one unit and securing them back under her skirt.


"Mm...Sour Red? It's always onspecial. Ah think Red is trying to tell me something about me choice in poison as its buy one get one." She pursed her lips in jest as she made her way about the floor with a step that could make a ballerina cry. Hmph! Pity Red wasn't around to see it as much as she picked on her. She mused to herself as slipped in behind the cherry wood lacquered bar top reaching up a hand to pluck a glass or two.


"So...no Tonberry,aye. Ah supposeye order it enough ye can get tired of it! Hmm.. ye like the sweetness to it so how does a...Cactuar  sound. It has melonand apple and cranberry flavors to it. Or maybe a Desert Rose? That seems to be a favorite of a few too...i think the Rolanberry cream tends to compliment the tequila rather well. " She nodded placing her palms flat on the bartop looking between the two.


"Good to see ye know Alothia. She'sone of me favorite lasses!" She beamed an extra particularly sunny smile to the young male before nodding to him once more. "What can Ah fetch ye tonight lovie, If a recall ye liked the Brittle Bark,Aye?"


Her left foot lightly hooked behind her right behind the baras she leaned forward a bit making herself a bit more comfortable. "So...Lad. What have ye been up to...lookin' like it's been a hard day's work by the looks of ye."

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Alothia grinned back at Abai as she spoke, tail swishing back and forth happily. She did enjoy listening to Abai chatter. She was a good waitress, the kind you could tell your life story to, if you weren't careful. "I think I'll have a Cactuar, Abai. And I'm sorry I haven't been around too recently. You remember that man who came here looking for Para and I? That situation got a little out of hand..." she stopped herself before divulging too much information. "Needless to say, that's not a problem anymore, and I'm free to walk around and visit you at my leisure now~"


She beamed at the woman as she spoke to U'zhan and made her drink. She placed enough coin on the bar for both her and U'zhan's drinks, as well as a hefty tip as well. It never did any good to stiff your bartender. "You think you could teach me to dance like that Abai?" she inquired nonchalantly. "How would I look with some flaming torches spinning around?" She posed and chuckled, shaking her head at the thought.

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"Hmm? Oh! Yeah the Brittle Bark stuff was good..." He paused a moment to look at both women as they talked of dancing and took notice that Alothia had pulled out quite a bit of gil.



It also seemed that the lad was too worn out to worry about thoughts of women even after Alothia brought up the conversation. Instead he shrugged to Abai and leaned the spear against the bar. "Spent most of the day training. I finally figured out what weapon I like best so I thought I'd get started is all." His tail swayed a bit behind him as he spoke and his ears wiggled a bit when he was finished.

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With a concerned look upon her face she looked to the woman."Aye...Ah do..." She chewed the side of her cheek recalling the strange dark haired short man that questioned about the couple. Alothia knew she wasn't one to pry...at lest not about this affair that seemed to be...complex. "Well Ah'm glad Ah can see ye! Ah certainly hope that Strawberry makes his way by too!" She chuckled while holding her mid-section lightly.


Setting to grabbing the ingredients she tilted her head side to side as if a song played in her mind. "Cactuar it is!" She sing songed to the imaginary tune as she placed it front of the Lass.  Slipping her handover the gil she nodded politely.


"Ah most certianly can! As long as ye are willing to put forth the hard work" She nodded agian her short mop of hair lightly falling into her face. Sweeping her bangs of to the side she added. " Ah think ye'd be...//HOT//" Her tone flat as she deadpanned Alothia before breaking out into a fit of giggles.


"Oh that was terrible!!! Ah'm sorry!" She waved her hand about nonchalantly before turning to U'zhan.  'Brittle bark itis!!" She beamed reaching down for the bottle and pulling it pour the sweet wine into a glass. "Well This seems to be a good reward for a hard day of trainin' Aye?" She mused pushing the glass toward him gently as not to spill. "So how ye like it? Ah'm partial to the blade meself..." She added peeking emerald hues out from thick lashes.


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The door was pressed open to look around the tavern with amethyst orbs. "Ah... Freedoooooooom~" He grinned, clutching at his side as he hobbled forwards towards Alothia with a soft smile. "Ah, I thought you came down here~" He cooed as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently. "I missed you~" He grinned, moving to take a seat beside her and addressing Abai with a bright grin.


"Ah, Abai. It's good to see you! How are you, this fine day?" He asked all too happily. He was happy. So very, very happy. A blink as he noted Alothia's drink. It wasn't... The usual... What. "Whatcha got there, honey?" He asked, quirking a brow in curiosity, before returning his gaze to Abai for but a moment, "Ah, Tonberry's Torch, please." He smiled, awaiting her answer.

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"I like the extra reach it offers." He shrugged as he brought the glass to his lips to taste the sweet wine with a little smile. The lad would be considered pretty tall for his kind and his muscles were already well toned though he was still on the slender side of builds. "I've trained a bit with the sword and axe too but I find it easier to move and strike when I can keep my enemy a decent distance from my face." He grinned a bit before taking another sip of the wine.

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"Why what do ye know! Speak of the Devil ands shall appear..or perhaps its the Strawberry?" She playfully teased as she looked to the Red headed hyur a grin plastered over her lips. She noted the hobble in his step and frowned a bit. "Ye alright there..." She figured it had to do with their...complication? Yes. The complication. She wasn't looking for a full explanation. Especially if it was a touchy subject. Just her caring nature of sorts and if there was something she could do to provide comfort if she could whether it was ice or some strong spirits.



'Ah'm well though thank ye for asking'...Are ye sure ye Just want a Ton-Torch...Ah can make it Flammin' ye might thank me for it later!" She was partially jesting partially serious.


She looked to U'zhan as he spoke and nodded her head. "Ah see...gives new meaning to touch it with a ten foot pole...that is the phrase, Aye?" She cast a comical look before shrugging. "Hmm...trained with the sword ye say...mind if Ah pester ye sometime for a friendly spar?" She grinned but a hint of blush crawled into her cheeks. She didn't quite want to admit that she was enjoying the sword play almost as much as dancing these days.




Also Anyone wanting to join ye don' have te use color and bold. Ah just do it cause its easier te tell speech from text. It can be a fun way te add flare to yer post. it's jus somethin Ah've always don--and Ah'm typing like Abai aren't Ah..er..I...:P


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Alothia turned and gave Para a kiss when he came in, glancing to her drink and then blushing a bit. "It's a....Green....Pudding...." She nodded, "Yes. That's what it is. It's quite good."


She patted the barstool next to her for Para to sit on, and frowned at his limp. She'd have to hit him with healing again. If that didn't work...she didn't know what she would do.


She tilted her head to listen to U'zhan talk about the lance and nodded, "I do like the lance myself...if I have to use a weapon that is. Much happier with magic though." She grinned as Abai propositioned him to a spar, "Oooh. I'd like to see that."

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He tilted his head some and an ear twitched as he thought over Abai's request. "A spar? Well I could use the practice but I'd rather use my spear over a sword if that's alright." A bit of his usual timid nature around women was starting to show once again. He let his tail swish around while his sipped from his glass. "Would be good practice for you too I'd think since chances are you won't always be fighting an enemy that is holding a sword."

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Aegon slowly walks into the tavern and looks around "Finally some time to relax and enjoy a drink." He said to himself with a slight smile, he then walks to an open stool at the edge of the bar and sits down. Aegon looked around again and realized he didn't know anyone as he had never been here before. He then decided to look at the arrangement of bottles and drinks behind the bar. 



"From the sounds of it the Tonberry's Torch seems to be popular..." He says to himself as he thinks about it. He then pulls out his bag of Gil after deciding on what to drink. Aegon looks to the bartender and says "I'll take Tonberry's Torch." with a slight smile.

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A small chuckle and almost a scoff bubbled from her lips as she shook her head. "Green... Pudding?" She mused and let the two converse a bit biting back the chuckles.


"What? See me and U'zhan Spar? Ah suppose it would be a sight..." She nodded her head looking to the starlight haired maleqo'te. 'Depends, really if the Lad has performance anxiety or not!" She smirked and  grinned like the cat that ate the canary briefly.


"Far enough! Ah suppose ye are right. Ah don't mind at All. Jus...promise me ye wont go easy on me cause Ah'm a Lass Ay-" Her sentence cut off as she heard the faint sound of the door open. Her emerald hued gaze looks to the new patron with delight.



"Welcome to tavern Soliloquy!" Her voice it's usual inviting and non-fake tone as she waved a hand and beckoned him closer. " Aaha! Well its certainly one of the favorites for those that prefer us to hold the spirits. Quite nice if  ye ask me." She nodded reaching over she pulled free a MENU and passed it off to the lad.  


She pursed her lips as she looked him over a gentle smile still lingering. "Ah don't think Ah've seen ye here before...not that it matter Lad! All are welcome, So...tell us What brings ye through! Business or pleasure?" She leaned on the bar top before the new comer awaiting final confirmation of his drink, just in case he changed his mind.

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And just like that he was stiff as a board getting the completely wrong idea when Abai brought up performance issues. "Wha... WHAT?!" Was all he was able to stammer out as he cheeks flushed and he busied himself by chugging down the rest of his wine.

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Para quirked a brow, "Green... Pudding..." He squinted at it before looking over a nearby menu. "... That isn't a Green Pudding, is it." He frowned, before rubbing the back of his neck. "Ah, just... Don't say it's name. I'll have a relapse." He answered. Looking to the pink haired young lady. He stretched a little with the faintest of whimpers. "A-Ah..." He sighed.

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Alothia shot Abai a look as she chuckled about the name of the drink. She didn't understand Para's apprehension around the thing it was actually named for. She had to smirk though. It was a silly thing to be scared of. Ah well.


She looked over at U'zhan as Abai teased him and had to chuckle when he colored like he did. She leaned over and whispered quietly to him, "I guess that answers my question about the ladies~" before nudging him and winking slyly.


As the newcomer entered the bar, Alothia gave a friendly wave. She didn't recognize him, but that didn't matter. She'd be cordial as always.


She turned to Para and grinned, "I bet he'll like his flaming, all right. Last I knew he didn't have a problem playing with fire." She watched his face for his reaction before continuing, "I'm glad you decided to join me, dear. It's good to get out of the house without having to look over our shoulders." She took his hand in hers, entwining their fingers together and kissing where they interlaced. "Things could be a lot worse."

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Aegon takes the menu into his hand "Ah thank you, Well I just got finished with a very exhausting job when I noticed this place so I decided I should take some time to myself before I begin the next one." He says tiredly but with a laugh. He looks over the menu "I'm not exactly new around here I just don't get to relax a good tavern very often and enjoy a drink or even socialize for that matter" He says as he looks up to her. 


"Well it looks like you carry some of my favorite drinks" he says as he looks back to the menu. "Hmm I'll gladly take a Corvus Reserve or a Wolfie's Poison, as you call it, ah and as I'm slightly hungry I'll also have a Mtoto Popoto." He says with a tired smile.

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Abai couldn't help but chuckle at the maleqo'te before herown eyes grew wide with a hint of blush coating her cheeks. "Ah..er...that is...no!! Ah only meant!!" She flustered slapping a hand to her features before looking to Alothia and Paradyme with a doe eyed look.


'Don't say its name?? Relapse?" She used the opportunity to cool her features. "Explanations please?" She teased with delight.


She looked back to the new comer and nodded as he spoke."A~ah! Well that certianly does explain a bit! Well glad ye found yer way to us!" She smiled before casting and impish smirk. "Only ye have one thing wrong...Ye are new to me!!" She cast a wink as she let him review the menu.


"Mmhmm. Red 

makes sure this place is has a bit of all foreveryone." she chuckled leaning up as she set to fetching his request. "A Wolf and 'Toto it is!" Her skirts fluttered about her as she moved about behind the bar collecting the correct bottle and filling a glass for the Patron.



"Here ye areduckie!" She beamed pushing the drink before him. "Ah'll get that 'Toto in for ye as well Aye!" The highlander nodded once more going to teh kitchen and poking her in calling out an order.


"U'zhan...Seriously..Ah want a spar with ye!" She added agian once the lad had a chance to cool.


Her gaze return to the newest patron. "What sort of work didja say ye did?"

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The young Hyur woman who entered a few minutes behind Aegon looked like she had just come from the smithy, or the road - and either would have been relatively accurate. Her short cropped and unevenly cut hair was pulled back with a band and she wore weathered tunic and trousers which both looked like they'd seen more sand and dust than sea and salt. The pack she had slung over her shoulder was equally weathered and her hands were dry and calloused, with dirt caked under her fingernails. Her angular face might have been pretty, but as she reached up to wipe her flushed face with a cloth, she left a smudge of soot on her cheek. There were no illusions that this was a working woman who cared little about her own appearance. With a sigh, she dropped down onto a stool several seats down from the others at the bar, letting her pack drop to her feet with a thump. She didn't seem in a hurry to order, but was relieved to simply take a load off after a hard day.

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"I think I'm going to go now..." He stood and placed his spear over his shoulder before turning to Alothia and bowing to the woman. "Thank you for the drink, it was nice to see you again." And with a final look around the tavern he quickly made his retreat out the door!

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"Aye, that is true!" He laughs in reply to her statement about being "new to her". "Yes something for everybody I like that, you don't have to search around for what you want and there is always something new to try." The male Midlander says with closed eyes and a slightly bigger smile. 


"Ah thank you." He says as he takes the glass of Whiskey into his hand. He smells it then takes a swig and his face brightens up "Ah that's the stuff right there hits the spot nicely just the way I like it!" He says cheerfully as he takes another swig. 


Aegon let's out a relaxed sigh "Well I'm a traveler or an adventure call it whatever you want" He says as he stretches in his seat. "Doing that on it's own doesn't fetch one much Gil" he sighs "So I help people with their problems for as little or as much pay as I can, sometimes I'll be payed with food and sometimes I don't get anything in return that's just the way I am." He says with a shrug. 


"The name is Aegon, Aegon Holt, but call me whatever you want" He says as he slowly takes another drink from the glass of Whiskey.

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The door opens and closes slowly as a Miqo'te Keeper woman enters without causing too much of a scene. She wears a simple brown sleeveless tunic and pants that were sized for someone bigger than she was. The big pointed hat of an apprentice mage is replaced by a bandana and her dark grey skin has a ruddy tint from being exposed to the sun more than she's used to. Were it not for the tail flicking side to side behind her, she could almost be mistaken for a Duskwight child with the beaded bandana covering her ears.


She scoots to stand beside the door where it won't crash into her if somebody were to shove it open all the way and looks for where the most people are and, more importantly, how many strangers were here this time.

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Abaigeal nodded her head to the newest patron."Aye indeed!" Her smile still sprawling graciously over light colored lips. "Ye see we do it on purpose as so we force ye to come back..." She smirked as she waggled her eyebrows playfully.


"So—" her thoughtprocess stopped as she noted the starlight haired maleqo'te slinking off. "OH No ye don't!!!" She quickly moved from behind the bar to give chase. "Ah still haven't gotten an answer from ye!!!" She called after the quick male just as she was about to reach him his tail slipped out the door."Fine! Be that way!! Ah didn't want t beat ye anyhow!!" She childishly called at the door.


Turning about she placed her hands on her hips and beamed tothe patrons. Her gaze catching a woman that must have snuck in. "Ah! Welcome!!" She nodded to the lass who seemed to be thankful for a place to set. "Ah'll let ye have a moment before ah come and poke at ye aye?" she smiled just before looking back to the midlander male.


"Yer mostwelcome!" She nodded once more as she slowly and gracefully made her way back to the bar. "Aah an adventure huh?" She smiled and tilted her head to the side her braid lightly falling away from her features. "Well, Ah see what ye mean there. It's mostly why Ah work here!" She gestured to the surroundings. "Dancin' comes first, and then adventurin' be second. Helping with problems sounds as if its quite the good time,aye" She nodded once more.


"Abaigeal Causland At yer service! Tavern Wench, Sword dancer, and part time sword!" She introduced her self with a bit of a theatrical flourish. This was after all Soliloquy and it was a performance tavern!'But ye can call me Abai. Ah know me full name can be mouthful!" She chuckled. 'Also saves from sounding like "AH-BAGEL" when slurred!" She burst into a fit of giggles.


Her gaze wandered slightly to the lass off on her own."Can Ah fetch ye something lovie? A water to start?" She peeked  down to her.


"Lemme check on yer 'Toto aye!" She spoke to Aegon before slipping into the kitchen to retrieve the lads meal only to return a few moment later. She set the piping hot plate before him and beamed as the sound of the door again caught her attention.


"Ah changer mind and take me up onme offer of a—Oh. Sorry Inja! Ah thought ye were U'zhan coming back to tell me off!" She teased and beckoned the young keeper lass closer. "Come Ah might have a glass with chocolate milk with yer name on it Aye?" She smiled kindly.




Sorry went to dinner!!


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