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Hi~ some of you might remember me from 1.0. I was around up until the game went pay to play, couldn't afford the subscription with how the game was then. I may not even be able to afford ARR's subscription when the time comes, but we'll see.


Uhm yeah.

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I'll admit that I was pleasantly shocked to see you again in Beta! I had fun hanging out with you and Renaise, even though it was only for a brief moment! Hope to see you again in-game and welcome back!


Shocked? Well at least it was pleasantly shocked..


I should be around yeah. I might have my girlfriend who is also an RPer joining up soon enough, so perhaps I will be around for quite a while after launch~



Question... Do you still have that red wig? :P


It's in storage ;)

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Hey I remember you!


Welcome back!


Welcome back to the stage of history! /soul calibur


But seriously, welcome back :D



Aaaahh I don't remember either of yoouu e___e I'm sorryy my memory is terrible!

Who were you in 1.0..?~ >_<;

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