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Unsung Heroes[USH]

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The Intro                                                                        


   A jubilant fellow is seen posting fliers along the wall and the flier reads:


   Ever wanted to refine your skills or seek a purpose in the world? Is the distant call of the high seas a sound that brings tranquility? Perhaps you are seeking that right calling in your life? Well, look no further! Vylbrand Academy of Mystics, Tactics, and Trade has opened its doors. Our fine institution offers training in a variety of programs across our three schools of discipline.


   Are you looking for purpose in protecting others? Are you wanting to be a shield-brother? Do you believe that sometimes the best offense is a good defense? Or maybe you desire to use your magic to protect others instead of traditional metal and binding! If so, then The Protectorate could be your calling. Every day is a different adventure within the Protectorate!


   Maybe you are looking to unravel the unknown? Perhaps your heart is in exploring distant ruins and uncovering invaluable artifacts? Do you feel the call of preserving history and understanding its lessons? If you are looking for deep intellectual understanding, then check out The Magistrar division. These scholars are always knee deep in understanding, learning, and unlocking the secrets of past and present.


   Nor is our third division to be overlooked! Are you interested in business and making profit? Ever dream of rising into a field of entrepreneurship? Perhaps you are thinking of creating or refining new products? Or you may be wanting to learn that special, unspoken edge that comes with sealing a high power business deal! The Artisans Workshop offers fine training! We help folks learn how to speak professionally, train with a variety of crafts and arts, and inspire innovation to help promote a powerful market.


   Still interested? Want to know more? Come to Vylbrand Academy over at Limsa Lomisa! We're happy to answer questions and take enrollment applications! Fees? We can discuss that in person! So what are you waiting for? Come find a place for yourself within our hallowed halls!



Welcome to Unsung Heroes: Final Fantasy 14!


General Information                                                  


       Free Company: This chat is strictly social and out of character. It allows both roleplayers and non-roleplayers to share guild hall buffs, work together while in dungeons, ask questions, etc.

       Unsung Heroes RP Linkshell: This functions as an in-character audio device that students and staff of the Academy can utilize for long-distance verbal communication.

       USH Alliance Chat Linkshell: Out of character alliance chat for those not affiliated with the FC but are friends.


The Setting  _________________________________________________


Vylbrand Academy of Mystics, Tactics, and Trade was founded in Limsa roughly three and a half years after the Calamity struck the land. After serving as a private institution within its first year, it has since been opened to the public. The Academy serves as a place of learning and training for potential candidates with significant capability, to develop their skills and beyond. There are three divisions within the Academy, which more represent a character's personal philosophy than their actual skill set. For example, a master swordsman could easily fall within the Artisan division, if they would rather refine their mercantile mindset and crafting capability beyond their ability to swing a sword. The three divisions are as follows:


The Artisans:


   Much of the school's funding is derived from the efforts of this division, be it from selling student craftwork or natural resources as gained from excavation. Artisans learn how to refine old products and create new items of innovation. Students within this field are also trained in financial management and the social skills needed to sell their wares - from reading the dilated pupils of a prospective buyer, to the non-verbal components involved in Ul'dah haggling. Generally speaking, people who excel in social skills and charisma are drawn to this division.


The Magistrars:


   Despite its name, this division does not encompass spellslingers and conjurers. Rather, this division was designed for conducting arcane research and experimentation, unraveling the theories behind magic before ever putting it to use. Of the three divisions, this is the one most focused on traditional academia. They study all manner of things within the Magistrars, from beastmen lore, to mathematics, to aetheric interpretation. Generally speaking, people with exceptional intelligence are drawn to this faction.


The Protectorate:


   The final segment of the academy is centered on tangible execution. Those who choose this profession embrace a calling of martial and mystical combat. They are the folks that handle the front line affairs and physically work to support and protect the other divisions. Generally speaking, people with extraordinary physical abilities are drawn to this faction.


In regard to joining the Academy, an individual first fills out an application, as one would do with any university. A prospective student applies for one of the school's three divisions, sending it in via mail moogle for approval. After this point, they are assumed to be accepted into the Academy. If you wish, you may RP out your character's acceptance interview with a visit to the Academy front office, following up with Solaris Crimson. (Please contact Solaris Crimson to set up an appointment for this.) If scheduling does not allow for this, it can also just be assumed that your character's application was accepted, and that you can start attending classes and clubs as soon as you'd like.


A Comprehensive Schedule of all classes currently offered can be found in the Department of School and Student Services forum.


Advancement through the ranks of the Academy is handled in one of two ways, to be chosen by the individual.


Option #1: This route is based on participation and leadership roles in RP Events, and is governed by a point-based system. These "invisible points" represent a character's accumulated reputation throughout the Academy. Leading and organizing clubs, peer instruction, and running events will offer slightly more points than participation alone. We keep track of attendance in this document. After an individual obtains enough points to advance, their character will receive a mail moogle to tell them as such. At this juncture, if they wish to advance in rank, they must seek out an instructor and get a letter of recommendation. They must also pass a test before they can advance - to be determined by the leaders in their division. (Please contact Seer Noyeme or Haii Hai for any questions regarding this path!)


Option #2: Each Cadet class goes to a specific numbers of classes in a designated Semester or two. As you approach the point of graduating and moving up, you have to take on 3 exams, much like a sporting event.

The first examination is based on individual performance, resolving a situation and using the skills that have been given through the classes to come up with a resolution, depending on their division. Individuals will have to compete with the others in their class.

Second Examination is done as a team of 3 individuals made up of a Protectorate, Magistrar and Artisan. Once again, these teams will compete in 3 vs 3 examination to determine who the winner might be. Each will be scored on performance.

Third examination is a panel consisting of chosen instructors and the headmistress evaluating each candidate for promotion AFTER the two exams are carried out. This is to determine what they need to improve in order to move forward. (Please contact Elisea Renyven for any questions or follow up regarding this path!)


The RP                                                                              


We offer four different types of RP in this FC, which you can take or leave as you see fit. No one will ever be "forced" to do any of the RP listed below, nor will they overlap much (so there's no need to worry about a conflict of interest if you're only interested in one or two things.) If it helps, you can think of these RP options as being set on a table, to be grabbed or left by your discretion. We're just trying to offer a little something for everybody, no matter what your taste may be. You can reference the Calendar on this website to keep track of any RP events that are upcoming.


       Story-Driven Plotlines --This style of RP is for people who would like to be lead via in-depth storytelling, as conducted by an officer. The primary story-driven plotline is Project Genesis - Rise of the Unsung Heroes, and is conducted by Elisea. The plot itself revolves around a secret group of heroes as recruited from within the Academy, lead by the Headmistress, who band together for the greater good of Eorzea. When this sort of RP is on the calendar, it is often labeled as "Story Arc RP." Feel free to follow the link for more info!

       Large-Scale Events -- These are more freeform in nature, and usually involve larger gatherings to celebrate a particular event (such as the Thal's Eve Masquerade or the Thanksautumas Banquet.) It's a great way to meet new people under a united context. These events are often sponsored by the Academy.

       Small-Scale Events -- These are much like our Large-Scale events, except they are more frequent and often host a smaller attendance. Examples of these typically include Academy classes and clubs. Anyone is free to make a post about a class or club on the forums, and submit it accordingly to the calendar if they wish! If you play a teacher or a club leader, we especially encourage it! (Although, again, I would advise to at least submit your event to the calendar so that people can know about it in advance and make plans to attend.) Here is an example of a post coinciding with one of our teacher's classes.

       Character-Driven RP -- We encourage an inclusive RP environment in our FC, and anyone is welcome to initiate random RP in any given location. If you plan to go to the Quicksand for some RP, feel free to invite your FC mates along! If you wish to explore your character's backstory a bit, just contact one of our RP officers and we'll see what we can do to make it happen.




Brief RP Guidelines                                                          


1.) No godmoding. Don't stab other characters or cut their head off or negatively manipulate other characters in any way unless it is discussed OoC first with the other person. If you're going to have a combat, either take it out in PvP or discuss OoC a general sketch of how things will go beforehand.


2.) No metagaming. Don't bring information that you know out-of-character to your character in-game unless there is a good reason. For example, if someone is playing a spy, don't have your character go "I don't trust him. I don't know why. I just have a feeling." Unless the person playing said spy makes an obvious screw-up that COULD be discovered by others, don't metagame it. If you think your character would find out this OoC information between scenes, then discuss it with the other characters who are involved. If a conflict arises, it can be settled by one of the FC leaders.


3.) Try to keep characters within the setting. Don't make your character a werewolf/vampire/time traveler/Avatar for one of the twelve Gods. Your character is already extraordinary with the abilities that they have in-game, and there are plenty of races with their own culture to choose from. On top that, there are a multitude of Guilds and city-state cultures that are already existing in FFXIV:RR to play around with. If you DO have an "outside the box" idea for your character's abilities/power level, discuss it with one of the RP officers BEFORE you start RPing it out.


4.) We encourage people to try not to make a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. A "Mary Sue" is a character that is perfect and untouchable in every way, with no weakness of any sort. (Or, conversely, a weakness that doesn't matter and will never matter.) If you'd like to know more about what constitutes a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, there are wikipedia articles about it. A well-rounded character is more interesting to interact with, and probably more interesting to RP as.


5.) Always remember that IC =/= OoC. This means that if someone's character betrays or yells at your character, it does not mean that these actions should be taken to heart "out of character." Always keep the two separate, and do not let IC actions effect you OoCly, or vice versa.


6.) Have fun and enjoy the game with us.



Events Planned/Coming Soon:




Caravan: The first one will be a bi-weekly caravan run that starts in Limsa Lomisa, where we conduct business in selling our products to fellow players through roleplaying. This gives our crafters an opportunity to sell gear at reasonable prices while a small percentage goes towards the Free Company to continue developing financially. In addition, this offers folks of a variety of levels an opportunity to get gear. We will stop at each Capital City and conduct roleplaying, marketing, etc and then head to the next city via escorts, traveling through the wilderness.


A diverse selection of roleplay missions: Players can work together to forge missions that use one of the three schools or all three to form mission teams that go out to carry out an adventure or urgent mission. The nature of these vary and are only limited by the creativity of those involved. There will also be pre-assigned missions available for those who really want to jump right in. We'll also be setting up a time-line for these missions. Missions are considered adventures from escort missions, exploring ruins and places near and far, meeting clients, solving mysteries, etc. The sky is the limit on what we can do with the game and its immersion.


Story Arcs: There will typically be a free company story-arc going that really builds on character development. It will be an undetermined amount of time through the course of days, weeks, whatever it needs for it to completely. It is entirely unscripted and the end of the story results in the work and choices that the characters' make. Players will also be able to create story-arcs as well, giving folks plenty of things to do in roleplaying. We want to truly create an immersible environment designed for character growth.


Current Story-Arc in FC:



During a class field trip out near the City of Nym, Kyraeth Vale wandered off to the City proper, for reasons unknown. (Her own personal story.) After her disappearance, Headmistress Elisea requested that Senior Cadet Syggfryd depart with the class back to Vylbrand, so she could help on the search and investigate the strange occurrence. On the way to the City of Nym, Zakrin came holding Kyraeth's body and took her back to the Academy. Desiring to investigate potential causes, Elisea ventured into the city of Nym. While there a group of unknown assailants engage her, leaving her retreating and eventually wounded. Later discovered by a Vylbrand rescue party.


Chapter 1:


In the first ever-story arc of USH, this took place over the course of several nights. It was Elisea unveiling the Unsung Hero project beneath the Academy. Offering those in the Academy a chance to train, research, and work on other projects for the sake of helping others and becoming a fighting team to head out on adventure into the unknown, while continuing to attend classes.


On their first assignment, the team headed up into the mountains near east Thanalan to try to solve the mystery of the disappearing villagers. After ascertaining clues and venturing beneath the village, they discovered a huge mining operation where the villagers were forced to work for what appeared to be garlean soldiers. However, the cavern itself was oddly cold – and ice sculptures that looked life-like were visible. It was here, they met a woman that wielded the power of ice dangerously. They fled to regroup with a few villagers that managed to escape.


In a two part mission, they returned to the village with a plan to fight and free the villagers. However, things did not end up going according to plan. They were engaged by soldiers in an ambush in the village and forced to fight. After a long battle and some injuries, they took the injured back to Vylbrand while calling for reinforcements. A small group answered the call to return and fight, including new comrades of the organization. They ventured into the caverns to discover the woman in charge was gone. Only a ragtag group of soldiers remained and were preparing to evacuate the cavern. In their wake, they planned on leaving a bomb to destroy all evidence including captive villagers. Their own escape was through hauling an oversized fire cluster on what appeared to be a train of sorts. After an intense fight to free the villagers, Elisea and B'rahz fought near the train to take it over – and use it as a means to escape. However, it was a matter of figuring out how to operate the train. Before the bomb detonated, they managed to start the train through trial and error. This lead to another problem: getting the whole thing to slow down or stop. After many comical exchanges between Elisea and Aether arguing and trying to resolve which levers to use, they managed to get it to stop before colliding with another town.


Chapter 2:


After brief relaxation, it was time to work on two missions at this time. One was to analyze the oversized fire cluster and the other was to collect parts for an airship. This lead to two groups working simultaneously (dual dming) to get missions done. The first ended up a disaster in getting parts from a crooked goblin and the other was conducting the tests to reveal that this cluster was unnaturally developed by something within it. However, it was not removed for the safety of the aetheric power in the cluster.


During a break social break at Costa Del Sol, some of Vylbrand's cadets and instructors overheard two men talking about how near the City of Nym, people were being burned alive. This suddenly intrigued Y'rhen and Rheah'na to want to explore these ruins to see if it was a rumor or actually true. So in their first leading assignment, they took a team to explore the ruins which confirmed that adventurers were being burned violently.


After dealing with traps, a maze, mimics, and much fire – they made it to the end only to be ambushed by a surprise group there. A man in black armor that was known as the Reaper, Alsgreth Von Siegryd, a scientist and tactician, had planned the ambush. He introduced a fellow individual who was dressed in crimson armor, the one behind the flames. The ambush quickly turned into a violent battle that lead to injuries on both sides. Eventually, reluctantly, the Vylbrand cadets decided to retreat with their lives. It was just in time as reinforcements had arrived in the form of the woman tied to the ice, speaking of the birth of their sister. Unfortunately, the cadets gathered very little information and many learned they weren't ready and required discipline to face the upcoming threat.


In the darkness, there is always light as one once said. The Unsung Heroes rose up to the call in their new ship, flying to Coerthas. Lead by a knowledgeable elezen named Darwyn, they traveled across the wintery wasteland to arrive at some old ruins located deep in the mountains. There, they found corpses of an old cult and a building created out of mirrors. It was there, they encountered the past to learn about the mysterious woman of ice's origin and to face a fallen comrade who had been placed under her spell. After a long fight and puzzles, they were able to save their comrade T'aloh but at a price... The information was lost.


In honoring the memory and death of Tristan, the team decided to take a cruise across the ocean in a memorial to their fallen comrade. After a harsh encounter with a storm, they landed on a mysterious island not on the map. Little did they know, that the island had vile influences causing half the team to fall in love with the island, dancing and worshiping a false power. In an attempt to rescue them from the spell, the other half went after them in pursuit to be greeted by assailants. After a long battle, they arrived at the shrine where the team met their comrades minds being clouded. After a peaceful, non-violent interlude, the spell was broken only to be greeted by a golem that attacked them. After the golem was defeated, the illusion of the island began to shatter -- and the team fled with the injured back to the ship.


After a short lived rest from the recovery of a kidnapped Seer, Elisea received a letter to come to learn more about the forces that the team was fighting. After heading to the location, they found it to be a land of purity -- purging those of malice or ill intentions, leaving only the bravest to face their darkest fears and memories. After the journey to the shrine, it was revealed that there was a way to defeat the corrupt elementals but to find the final solution would be an enduring task. In the end, T'aloh was finally cured from her curse and the team was sent back home. Leaving only a few behind at the shrine to recover... leaving much to be said as preparations for the inevitable battles that lied ahead.


Academy: Take part in mini-events such as classes that players might want to teach for example in sword fighting or learning about old ruins such as the invisible city! Be part of the Academy and its true purpose and watch the Academy grow and expand over time. (Expansion is based on the additions of the company hall)


City: Eventual construction of a player village through the future housing system.


Many many additional events to come as we get started.


Non-roleplay events:


Dungeon Night: Want to do a certain dungeon? Looking for loot or just a good chance to say hey I completed this dungeon? We'll be offering at least once a week, a dungeon night for players to get together and decide what places to go to.


Crafting Night: Those of us who like crafting and really want to get resources as a group? This is definitely the time to do it. We'll mobilize as a team, go across the areas we're looking to collect resources and focus on helping each other out to get our crafting skills up.


Group Leveling: Bored? Don't want to solo? We offer group leveling whether it be doing hunting logs, guild heists, Fates, or whatever tickles your fancy. Its a great way to socialize and level at the same time.


Raiding: (Yes, we are an end game group.) When the time comes, we will be focusing on raiding and setting up times for this. Right now, the schedule for raiding is up in the air, considering there will just be so much to do starting out.



General Division:


This is for folks who aren't interested in roleplaying or perhaps want to learn more about the game before trying to return to roleplay. Basically, roleplaying isn't mandatory in the guild but as long as you can respect those who do that's all that matters. We'll have plenty of things to do from crafting, dungeons, group leveling, guild activities and raiding! Yes, we will be raiding as soon as we are able to. However, we will not be racing to 50 as I want everyone to enjoy and savor the game. Our raiding code will be similar to Final Fantasy 14 but as we draw closer to raiding we will have a guild meeting to finalize all policies. I also want to mention that we are an adult community 18+ that values friendship and family. We have a diverse group of players that want everyone to feel at home.




Ranks follow the same theme as they did in Rift with the lowest being conscript which takes roughly 3-4 weeks or less of probation to move you up to the next tier. It allows us to build trust with each other and get to know each other to ensure we're a proper fit. Below are the ranks:


Note: The reason is we like to keep it simple and easy to understand people's progression and responsibility within the guild. A legendary hero is typically reserved for former officers or leadership that have chosen to step down to focus on other priorities or if they've been in the community a long time.



Jr. Officer

Legendary Hero


Junior Member



Guild Structure:


Free Company: This is the backbone of the organization and our life blood. This chat is strictly social and out of character. This keeps the entire guild together and organized. It also allows both roleplayers and non-roleplayers to share guild hall buffs, work together while in dungeons, etc.


Linkshell #1: Roleplay chat channel using a linkpearl or theme that we decide on.


Linkshell #2: Out of character alliance chat for those not affiliated with Unsung Heroes but are friends.


Roleplaying Division:


The concept for the role-playing division is something of an enigma. It offers a little something for everyone and the purpose of it is to facilitate in-depth, fun, sometimes comical interactions, utilizing the world as our playground. Essentially, we plan to use everything around us in an immersion environment. However, the agenda behind this is to focus on collaborate on in-depth character development for our characters as they live their day to day lives in Eorzea. In addition, there will be vast story lines developed, NPCS used, and many other things to create unique story-lines that vastly support the world of Final Fantasy 14. While we are considering ourselves medium to very heavy for immersion and role-play, we will not be in full role-playing mode 24/7. This is because we also want to enjoy the game from the PVE and PVP standpoints, and that include raiding. Does this mean we won't have role-playing in dungeons? No. We will after a certain point of familiarity, but that will be further discussed when the time comes. As per our focus, we want to offer the most out of our time as a family in this organization.




1. How can a guild exist with Roleplayers and Non-Roleplayers? Won't there be some sort of conflict of interests?


A: In order to have the best community much similar to a server, you have to possess a healthy balance of both. However, many of us have played together and we understand each other's different tastes and acomodations. We also analyze during an interview if the candidate looking to join us will be a sufficient fit as in we desire no drama or grief. Our structure also works out very well in this regard, in which we possess capable channels of communication. Free Company Chat is considered strictly out of character in order to socialize, help each other learn the game, participate in guild functions as a group that does not require any in character initiative. The next Channel is a Linkshell USH that consists of strictly IN-Character communication which we can use to handle our roleplay needs when we aren't together. The final Linkshell is an Alliance Channel for other folks that are friends of our organization may talk with us and also look for groups or help this way.


2. How can I join this guild? It sounds interesting!


A: First of all, you need to submit an application with us and contact one of our officers. We then offer a thorough interview either conducted in party chat, VOIP or other avenues to ensure you are a right fit for us out of character. Once you are approved, you will start out as the base level rank of the organization unless you are someone that's been a part of us for awhile. After that if you are a roleplayer, we'll work to find a good fit for you in the organization unless you already have ideas or we've roleplayed a bit. Then welcome aboard.


3. Can we have a place to write stories?


A: Yes, I'll set one up for us and when we get our new site operational you may also post there.


4. How will you handle dungeons and raids?


A: Dungeons and Raids in my opinion are something that has to be learned the first time through at least as we're learning the mechanics and our classes more ideally. Once we've been able to master the dungeon or raid, we can go back and use this place for roleplaying purposes because we can beat the timer that's ticking in dungeons and we can accomplish all this between fights. It will be incredibly fun this way. We did that before in Guild Wars 2 and it worked out great between fights.


5. What kind of events do you have planned?


A: Many from dungeon night to fate/guild heists to caravans, story arcs, etc. There will be so many things to do that you can't really say that you are necessarily bored. In addition, we are very open to our players hosting and creating events or even story arcs.


6. Will it be just large scale Free Company stories?


A. Not at all. Players can definitely work on their own story arcs in junction with the Free Company's. We want people to be involved, grow with us, and also see their characters grow in character development.


7. I'm new to roleplay? Would you still take me?


A. Certainly. We can help you out and teach you more about roleplay. We definitely don't consider ourselves elitists but more as a family that wants all to have fun.


8. I'm a new or non-legacy member? Can I join?


A. Yes. You can! Almost the entire organization is made up of new players with the exception of one or two, who are going to help folks out with information, advice, and be there every step of the way!


9. I'm not sure I want to roleplay, but I want to be part of your community!


A. Why not? We have several folks who respect roleplay, but simply want to play the game with us as a family. A good game community offers something for everyone!


10. If I don't want to roleplay now but intend to later, can I still be a part of the Company?


A. Yes, we have many folks taking a break from roleplaying or wanting to get their feet wet again before jumping right into roleplaying. Sometimes a break does people good justice.


11. How big is this organization?


A. We're a smaller close knit family of maybe about 30 players overall and about 10-11 going to Final Fantasy 14. We're looking to open our doors to others who seek the same kind of fun and unity that we've had over 2 years.


12. How do you deal with drama?


A. We don't. We have a zero tolerance policy for it. There is a difference between a disagreement and drama though. Not everyone has to agree or see eye to eye 24/7.

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[align=center]Unsung Heroes Presently:


Vylbrand Times Monthly Newsletter!


Caption from “Despair Only Burns” Ch2 Unsung Heroes Story-Arc


March Edition[/align]

Fond Farewell... Welcome Aboard


First of all, I would like to welcome everyone that has joined us over the last few months. We've had a wild start and continuing to go strong. Every guild has a transition or pattern they go through and I'm proud of each of you all for sticking with us during times. With 2.2 around the corner, we can expect to see much more on the PVE side and even more on the RP side!


With that said, our first order of business is to wish Esh Arii, one of our officers who recently had to leave the best of luck. We hope one day you'll return to us and always be considered family! Once a USH'er, always a USH'er! In the recent shuffling of our officer staff, I'd like to welcome formally Z'attano, Nykkus, and Severin to our officer family. They've been tasked with many different duties and they are well suited for the job.


Raiding Agenda


Since August, we've been officially part of Final Fantasy 14. We've broke past 6 months and still going strong. For this I want to thank each of my members. As some things to look forward to in 2.2, we will be continuing to run Coil T1-5 to finish the content and allow players to see it all versus just rushing to the next tier. In addition, we'll be aiming to start T6-9 once we're geared and everyone is comfortable. We have currently three coil teams in place: One that runs from 7pm CST to 10pm, another that runs 9pm CST till 11 or 12 pending on how we feel past 11, and one that's currently forming that's TBA as far as times players are available. Currently, we have a number of spots open, while we prefer to take FC members first, we will be looking beyond the FC until the roles are filled in a timely manner.


Upcoming Events/Information


As per our calendar, we will continue to use it to place times that we'll be hosting events, whether it be PVE oriented things like primal night, fund-raising night with t-maps, or role-playing events. So please make sure that you access our Calendar as we post events weekly as they go. I also encourage everyone to come out and support Seer's race event March 23rd, Sunday at 2pm. It'll be a great time and I feel that we should represent ourselves as a whole at it the best we can.



More information about the Race here:


Forum links:


USH Site




We will try to do one solid public event for everyone to come, once a month. It may be a ball, a race, a tournament or a variety of things but we will need the FC as a whole's help to achieve these goals.


As for the Academy, classes for RP have resumed and there is folks ready to move up to the next tier. We'll post in the next newsletter from an in-character stand point those that are graduating and take a few screen-shots of that. Don't forget, classes aren't just sitting in a classroom, we do field-trips galore and the experiences are meant to motivate and delight! In addition, we will be focusing on some more Academic social events, fund-raising and other avenues in the near future to bring back that lively spirit of the Academy. Remember, social role-play is a lot of fun when done right! It allows folks to get to know your characters outside of the adventures and world!



[align=center]Monday's Meditation Class 3/17/2014[/align]




In light of more social role-play, we will also be working on weekly or bi-weekly tavern night, which requiring volunteers to support us in our endeavor. A tavern night, in which Dryce has graciously offered to help run it in an icily level, giving folks that living bartender feel. It's designed to be a place of information, business, shady deals, and general social fun! We've located a tavern spot in a very nice location that we will be using and announce this further as we get closer to launching the grand opening of it.


Story-Arc Roleplaying


Chapter 2 continues to go strong with our attempt to maintain once a week dedication to this. It takes quite a bit of work dming and planning out the terrain we're going to use. One thing that I like to stress cautious, we like to use realism in the story arc and what characters do directly does affect the story and the outcome. I like to keep these stories semi-freeform for many reasons. I also like taking a scenario and seeing you the player run with it. We have a few more such as Ihrie that also enjoy creating dynamic immersive roleplaying with dming. So you'll never be bored on the adventures, stories, you name it.


We'll also be planning a side mission that will take the characters to another place, handling diplomacy and a sensitive mission. More details to come out. In addition, one of these story-arc chapters we'll be doing more of a public event for it that inevitably leads to a different perspective of roleplaying. I am holding back much information on this until the time arrives, all I will say is that Lord Iqyr is having a festival to celebrate the latest success of his projects, no one knows much about this guy – or what he's playing at!


Additionally, for players who want to jump into this deep immersive roleplaying, there is numerous ways to get the player or character involved. Don't hesitate to contact me. If folks are looking for an FC or even recently joined and want to join us through this story-arc, don't hesitate to contact me!




In order to continue to fund our roleplay town project, we're going to need folks to continue to help ont his agenda. There are numerous ways to donate from treasure map nights, leves, dungeon nights, and general things of that nature. We will also be continuing our lottery system that we've done in house, but we may eventually open it to a public forum as well.


Currently, we are at a bout 10.3 million gil, so we have a long ways to go. So with that, we're going to do some more public fundraising events such as another date auction, a masquerade ball, among other things. So don't forget to stop by and participate in these events! Additionally, we'll continue to roll out events on the public forums much like Seer has done with the previous date auction and race. Remember, these events take time to plan and prepare. We tend to talk about these events over a month in advance because we want to time it right for flexibility and making sure everyone has a great time!


Anyway, that's all for now. Don't forget, our guild meeting is tonight 3/19/2014 at 7:30pm CST! This concludes our monthly newsletter oocily. We'll try to roll out the April edition much sooner! If you got roleplaying or OOC articles you'd like to add! We'll fill it into these newsletters! Trololo is our editor for the In-Character Newsletter side of things but I'll be helping where I can!


Thanks again!


Elisea Renyven


Guildlead of USH


Headmistress of Vylbrand Academy

IC Section:


A Note from the Chief Editor, Trolo Lololo


Greetings, denizens of Limsa Lominsa, and all other subscribers. I have been brought on board the School of Artisans at the Vylbrand Academy for Mystics, Tactics, and Trade (whew, that is a mouthful - and, by the way, I do mean "brought on board" in a figurative sense, as the Academy is not a vessel, to my knowledge - though I digress severely) to edit and publish this journal, the Vylbrand Times. It is my hope that I can inform, inquire, and inspire—even perspire—to meet the needs of all students, faculty, and other affiliates in a coherent, entertaining fashion.


Although I have only been involved with the Academy for a matter of hours, I do aspire to become closely knit with the community and even to find a romantic interest from within, with whom I would gladly elope if it occurred at a convenient time for all parties involved. But enough of my personal ambitions. I plan on publishing articles that are relevant to matters at the Academy on many levels: from editorials on local traditions and holidays to profiles on outstanding (or ordinary) members of the community. My previous experience at The Raven has taught me that keeping up to date on everyone and their mothers is the first step toward understanding current events on a broader scale. In short, what appears on these pages will be exactly the stories you would like to read; nothing more, and most certainly nothing less.


And with that, I welcome you to the inaugural issue of the Vylbrand Times. Enjoy, but please do not lose any sleep over this.

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Thank you, I greatly appreciate that. Basically over the course of several years I've learned from experience you must possess a healthy balance in an MMO. When we first started over two years ago in Rift, we focused on a Trifacta concept of RP/PVP/PVE. So we could do everything and offer something for everyone.


We worked together to make a wonderful home. When Final Fantasy 14 was coming out, we sat down and talked. So many of us are excited for something that is just great and I know Yoshi has done an amazing job from V1.0 to 2.0. Many of us were excited about the opportunity to be part of a world where we could focus on heavy roleplaying and character development, plus be able to raid. We wanted to include our family that didn't roleplay but respect it because at one time some of them did or might have and retired.


Roleplay and writing have been a part of my life for so many years. (God I'm old sometimes xD) Just the feeling of being able to see end game, roleplay, etc is something that just means the world to me as long as I do it with friends and family. I definitely want to share these experiences with others. I think myself and 1 other have old character, mine wasn't even very far to be honest... So with everyone being new, I think its a great feeling to build something from scratch and welcome other new folks into the group as well. Woops, didn't mean to write a novel. xD


Also I should mention as far as end game goes, we have a very good history of working together to down content and see it through. That's atleast how we do things, and we try to keep raiding as semi-core, not casual but not extreme team hardcore either. Sides' thats why I like the fact the Free Company is the ooc social part, with us getting together personally to RP or we have our LS for the RP stuff. It gives us a strong diversity. Sides' I'm eager to tackle 24 mans.


One other thing to comment on: The Academy theme isn't classes and schooling entirely. I don't want anyone to get that assumption. I like to think of it as a distraction to the main occupation the organization has. Its mostly training, preparation and taking on missions/tasks. Training folks to work as a team, refining skills, and also occasionally offering fun rp courses here and there. I'm a big fan of story-arcs, adventures and things like that. I like to see characters grow and develop, I like to see them flourish like they are living their own life. That's why I love rp and really like the set up we've done.


I'm looking forward to doing the Caravan event right off that bat, should be fun and a good way to meet folks.

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I should be setting up more of an event schedule for launch, but maybe not during open beta. We might do an event but as people are learning the game, getting familiar and integrating together that might be too soon. I do know that I plan to have one event ready some point at launch, the Caravan and I'll do some details on that. We also have some other plans in the works, but I want to make sure the transition goes smoothly with FF14. We'll be working hard the first few weeks to get everything set up too. We are taking anyone still interested, doors are open. If you want a positively fun RP experience, end game or even both. Please don't hesitate to contact me. Anyway, that's the current update as far as our status and plans go.


These dates are an estimate and subject to change:


Caravan: Sept 1 or August 28-29th (give or take)

First Story-Arc: Sept 8th

Classes will probably start: (Provided folks wanna do it and set it up or I'll probably host it) 2 or 3 Week of September.


More to add as we go.

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It'll be interesting meeting others down the road for sure. Should be great times.


We still are open for recruiting. If you are wanting some good RP, good quality fun, check us out. We don't bite, we've got a wonderful mix of heavy rpers and we got some amazing folks that pve. So its got a great balance. Also trying to get this new logo up, and we will be going to a new site in a few months. I'm having to learn a language to make the site, Joomla or something. Its interesting but I miss html! *shows age*


We're having a guild meet and greet tonite, so I will sorta post any relevant information or changes.

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Our guild meet and greet + meeting went amazing. We're still recruiting and we plan to do quite a bit of a variety of things. The first week of open beta, we will be grouping up a bit, leveling, working on crafting to prepare for our event around launch and also be out rping + recruiting in game. If you want to know more about us, drop us a line or don't hesitate to throw a PM my way.

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Elisea, I got your message - thanks for the reaching out to me :) Unsung Heroes seems like it might be a good fit for me! Will you be starting in Limsa Lominsa as well? If so see you there! :3


Some of us will be. We'll have folks in a variety of cities based on their starting professions. We just had a second guild meeting tonite for FF14, regarding RP and final preparations was great and productive. If you have any questions for us Niklaus, I'd be happy to answer them or anyone else in USH. I know a majority of us will be in open beta too.


One of the big things I want to stress is its just not purely an Academy, there is a reason behind it and there will be quite a bit of adventure, fun, and of course Academia stuff. I do plan to try to hold a few classes as well as others who are rping instructors. All three specific groups play an important role and you can't have one without the other.


I do have to answer one question asked. As far as magic users, its split in the Protectorate and in the Magistrates. Which will be interesting - but both will work to further understand the mystic energies. I've actually had to answer that question but will the agendas be the same? That's a mystery. ;)

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I am also an alternate contact for anyone with questions regarding the Unsung Heroes role play Linkshell and end-game Free Company.


Any of you who are looking for an Academic/Institution of Higher Learning-type environment for their role play, please give us a look :thumbsup: !

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We'll be having one last meet and greet tomorrow night at 7:30pm CST. If you are a potential candidate or someone who is curious about joining us. Even leaning on the fence of checking us out. If you want the ventrilo info (you don't have to speak on a mic, there is a chat option too) Please PM Teardrop or myself and we can give you the information.

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So I'm doing a little play on words but:


Ultros: No really.... this is our last meeting! (instead of battle)


So anyway, if you were on the fence or not sure where to go... or if you were interested in us. We'll have our last meet and greet before Beta/Launch tonite at 7:30 CST. If you would like the vent info, please send me or Teardrop a pm.

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And I'm in game now. Connection has been steady so far. I'll start adding you guys to my friends list while we wait for the FC and LS to get setup. :) I can't promise I'll be incredibly responsive for a while today, since I'm technically working from home so I'll be going back and forth between work and play. Just in case anyone tries to send me a tell or something.

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We're out in force if anyone wants to check us out, interact with us, or get to know more about us. I'm currently unavailable for the most part due to a severe bug that's banished me from time and space... the void. So hopefully, they fix it at some point. Seer Noyeme, Aleka Donaka, or Isobeau are happy to help, answer questions, you name it.

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