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RPC Update: July, 2010


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You may now view updates in their new format here: http://www.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/news


Main points of interest:


--Activity explosion.

--Linkshell section added to main site. Teaser site down. Other site modifications.

--Jecht=RP beta server. Worst-case scenario guide for server selection pending. Wishing to investigate non-English RP community.

--New podcasts up. IRC room advertised.

--Scholar search.

--Coming in August: RPC Charter reevaluation and vote, lots of etiquette discussions, Eorzean Tribune creation.


Questions, comments, etc are welcome.

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I like the new linkshell page, it seems to work well.


On the news page the scrollbar really breaks the feel of the site. I know that may seem nitpicky, but I really think it looks off. Is it possible to either change the graphics for it or make it invisible?


Very excited about the paper.

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Scrollbars can go straight to hell >.>


I can change the colors but I think only for Internet Explorer users. I have no idea how to do so with other browsers. If I can figure out how, I can think about it. Actually, they're already a different color on IE browsers (though not a good color in my opinion). I would love to change the graphic entirely but again, don't know how or if it's even possible. If it was a flash site, I know I could. But this is pure html format.


Edit: Okay, it's suddenly not a different color on IE either. Huh...

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