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Er... hi.


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Yup. Hi. I'm Gullio, and this is my first ever time playing a final fantasy game. Hello all, and I'm not very good at elaborating, so this will be a very short post. Not my first time RPing, know nothing of FF lore minus Chookabos (chocobo.gif Or however it's spelled), and I could use a good bit of help learning about the stuffs here. If I missed important stuff in this thread, sorry, hope to see you all in game.

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Your first FF title eh? Well I hope it won't disappoint. ;) Well, there's a lot of information out there, so I'm sure you'll be able to pick it up. I've personally always preferred FF lore above all others, so I hope you manage to love it as well.


Any questions? Be sure to ask. :)

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Welcome welcome! Glad to have you among our ranks of Roleplayers in this game. Ditto from the post above, if you have any questions feel free to ask. A few of us have played several FF games and not playing previous ones won't hurt you one bit seeing as most worlds are isolated from one another and don't transfer much lore besides a few re-occurring enemies.


:chocobo: And don't worry about spelling chocobo right. I don't think I spell it the same way twice unless its within the same sentence.

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Hello and welcome~! I do hope XIV makes a good first impression on the FF titles C: As for lore - the Wiki is a good source and Endemerrin has a great post here about what happened before XIV became a Realm Reborn. Stuff to avoid, I suppose would be the same stuff to avoid while RPing in any other game; meta-gaming, lore breaking, stepping on other people's toes, etc. As for bio tips, I suggest looking through the Player Characters directory on the Wiki to get a feel for how we sort of set stuff up. Hope this was somewhat helpful! Any more questions or if you're looking for character feedback, let us know! Hope to see you in game C:

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Hi there!


My main tip for a first timer would be...don't be afraid to try and even fail. :) Not every idea works out but you can learn what you like/dislike every time you attempt something, which will help you grow in the end. :D


Most importantly though? Remember to have fun! That's what it's all about.

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Oh... another newcomer *-* This makes me feel more at ease. This will be my first FF game myself so I know next to nothing about any of the lore.


Welcome to the forum then! ^^(even though I am more new v.v)

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