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Hello Everyone!

I thought it would be nice for me to introduce myself.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the community,

to engage with many of you in game and RP too,

I had heard you're all such a welcoming community so here we go!



Well the only experience I have is with SWTOR on the Jung Ma server but before that was the amazing Ajunta Pall Server which triumphs over JM any day. I have RP'd for probably over a year now which is really such a short time but I have always been interested in it since I was young lad. My also had a brief experience with DCUO but it would not last very long due to the fact that the playstation 3 community lacked any RP which is not surprising. I do have several character ideas and will admit I can not only stick to one main character so you may see me running around with various alts even though the game play does not really require you to alt it up whatsoever but I could careless because being stuck to one character may turn me crazy. I had Google'd where to find this coalition, it was easy for me to find and was quite pleased it was easy to get connected.



I am aiming to role play on a more medium-heavy level, I do not light RP just because I find it very entertaining so why not take it on a more broad level? I'm a fellow Canadian who is currently a working man, so work does keep me busy from my MMO's. I'm hoping to go back to school sometime soon and hope to move away from my hometown in the near future for the opportunities here is very limited.

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Welcome to the RPC where the waters cool but the ... people ... are ... hot? Mmm maybe insane or crazy is better. Ooo or like a bowl of total what ain't nuts and fruits are flakes. Hmm I will have to get back to you on that one.


 Anywho If you want a mentor you can check out this post here and we have an awesome thread for what happened in FFXIV 1.0 by Merri that you can check out here.


So welcome to the RPC if you need any help of have any questions feel free to PM me or ask one of these other awesome folk here.

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Hello hello! :D 


Was JM an RPvP server? I remember hearing some good things about it while I was playing TOR. I think a few of my RL friends might have played there.


My rambling aside, welcome and we look forward to hanging out with you, too!


Thank you all for the warm welcomes!

and thank you for the info I need to get caught up because

I really do need to learn more about the past and what not.


Heya Zarek, JM is indeed an RPvP Server which at a time was amazing,

but the RP community has been dying down for awhile now,

its one of the least populated servers in the game right now

but it was still a good server none the less.



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