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[ Dev. Blog ] The Carbuncle Cometh


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Hasn't it been a while since we've been keeping up with these? Hmm...


At any rate, this time Bayohne takes the reigns of the developer blog to reveal at least two of the different colored varieties that Carbuncle will come in!


The Carbuncle Cometh

July 24, 2013


Hello all!

Bayohne here, with an exciting update for all of the prospective arcanists out there!


Fans the world over have been waiting with bated breath for more details on arcanist and how their pet carbuncle will work.


Today, I’m gonna tell you! First off, the arcan—what’s that? I can’t actually reveal that info? Well, yeah, I signed the non-disclosure agreement. Legal action?


Enjoy these (approved) screenshots instead, folks!


Emerald Carbuncle



Topaz Carbuncle



Topaz Carbuncle even has the ability to breathe underwater!



He does, right? Oh no…I’ll be right back!




I do hope there are more colors than just two, though...!

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Someone datamined the different carbuncles way back in phase 2. There was also a ruby carbuncle, and I think it was the tank version if memory serves. It sounded like the different versions were unlocked by class quests (the same way THM gets their instant blast spell and CNJ gets their water blast at level 15).

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