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Announcing the RPC's first moderators!


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Just wanted to give a quick status update on the moderators. As stated earlier, each guild leader will be granted moderator status for the RPC forums. There are currently 3 RP guilds in the works and thus, we get 3 moderators. None of these 3 guilds will be advertised until open beta starts. However, now that the forum activity is rapidly increasing, I can't single-handedly keep an eye on the forums 24/7.


So congrats to Keir and Kit_Aster for their new mod status! I need confirmation before giving the third mod the upgrade. Who's the founder/leader of TALE?


Other mods will be added as more guilds come to the surface. Mods cannot delete posts but they can move them to a centralized location for review if necessary. They should also be able to split topics as needed and conduct other such tasks as needed.


This does not necessarily mean mods will be extremely active on the forums, as that will be their choice either way. However, they are there so please give them a nice congrats (or pity speech >.>)!


As usual, feel free to speak up if you have questions or concerns.


Edit: Do you guys have a preference for moderator colors? >.>

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Sorry, I forgot to mention something in the original post. If at any time any guild leader simply does not want to be a moderator or feels someone else from their group would be a better candidate, they can give up their mod status to someone else from their group. I don't want anyone to feel forced into this or anything like that if they're not even interested in the role.

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Hey Tsu, well right now of course, TALE doesn't technically exist since XIV isn't open to players, but I've been working with Kore and Aedida to create the foundations of the guild-to-be, so it's founded by people from COA, but it is not a direct COA descendant, if that makes sense.

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Does this mean there's a secret board that takes place for thread review?

I would imagine so, but I think the point of it is to serve as a repository for spam, or directly slanderous posts. I think this is preferable to giving mods the power to delete threads/posts outright. At least that is my understanding of it. This way if it's deemed the moved thread/post should not be deleted, it may be moved back to its original home.


For flame wars, I think we can expect that threads will simply be locked and offending parties issued some sort of a warning to knock it off. I don't view this as 'freedom of speech' infringement. I view it as a place to move downright offensive content and those stupid Cialis bot ads we used to see all the time on most of our forums. :lol:


Castiel can probably clear this up though. I'm only speculating.


Also grats to the new forum mods!! :cheers:

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