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So, in one of my WoW guilds, we had a forum thread with nothing but pictures of cheese. You name it, as long as it had cheese (I think there was a MLP covered in cheese once). I figured we need to do this with rolanberries. I'll start.












Your turn!

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Chocolate - not just for the outside anymore




Strawberries are my favorite fruit. If it weren't for chocolate, they'd probably be my favorite food. Happily, the two go really well together!




Funny strawberry story: my family loves to go strawberry picking. It's the kinda thing where you bring a big basket, and the owner of the farm weighs your baskets on the way out and you pay for whatever you picked. One year when my brother and I were really young, we went picking with my parents and grandparents. On the way into the farm, my grandpa told us that they would weigh us on the way out to figure out how many we had eaten and charge us for them. Neither of us ate a single berry that day while we were picking!

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There, I fixed your thread ^__~


I love stra rolanberries to death! <3


They're great in desserts, but my favorite way to eat them is raw. Give me a bowl of rolanberries and I'm set. No cream, no sugar, nothing.




I can change it back to strawberries if you prefer, but I like the name rolanberries better. :3

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I just realized I have let you guys down. Why didn't I include this with my original post?


Question 1: Do you live in the US?

Question 2: Do you love strawberries?


If your answer to both of those questions is yes, then you need to check this out:












What IS this beautiful thing, you ask? Edible Arrangements. I live and breathe Edible Arrangements. Mother's Day? Send her an Edible Arrangment. Sister's Birthday? Edible Arrangement sent to her school. Sympathy or Get Well Soon? Edible Arrangement. Seriously. Check them out.


That is all.

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