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That new MMO smell!

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Hello there,

I have been scouting these forums for a little bit and decided to come and be social:lol:.

I am Morelle Noire but you may simply call me "Noire" at least until I get to know some of you a bit better. 

 I haven't played any of the beta for FFXIV  but I am already sold on so many of the aspects of the game based on what I've read on it. 


I recently unsubscribed from World of Warcraft where I use to RP a bit after playing for 8 years.

I played FFXI a LONG time ago and enjoyed some of it but never really got into it heavily.

As far as MMO's go, I am a little limited in variety but by no means new to the rodeo.


I have always enjoyed writing and artsy things so I might become a familiar face on the forums in time.


I am also bringing along my boyfriend who brought FFXIV to my attention so he may be on these forums in a short while as he also enjoys RP. :D


Looking forward to meeting you all and eventually, enjoying RP!:chocobo:

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Welcome to the RPC!


I hope you enjoy your time here. We have all sorts of lore threads for anything you may be thinking about. (also, everyone here is really nice and helpful when it come to character story critique, I know they helped me alot with working out Rogie's story)


anymoogle, I digress. Welcome to the RPC and if you have any questions feel free to ask! (that goes for your bf as well when/if he joins us)

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