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RPCV Episode 4

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RPCV Episode 4


Hosted by: Jared (Lysander), Andrey (Mason), Jordan (Sunny Dove)


-Launch date! September 22/30



-Underground Inn and Tavern

-Spectral Wardens (Renaise)


-New Classes


Segment: In the FFField



Nomeansno - Rags n' Bones

Symphony X - Paradise Lost


-RPCV new format

-About the launch


Co-host: Luke (Eva)

-Beta talk

-Guild advise

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To be truthful, I didn't really care too much for this episode (I'm sorry!). It felt like a lot of the material was extremely outdated. This was probably a result of the delay though.


Looking forward to the next episode though. Should have at least 4+ guilds/linkshells to cover: Not Thieves, Seren Point, Silver Anvil, Oschon at-Ta'ih, and possibly Baltazar's Favor if they're ready to go live by then. All but Not Thieves (and BF) currently have descriptions up on the main site.


Personally, I kinda wish you guys would cover more of the ongoing discussions here on the forums, particularly topics in the Assembly Room and maybe now the Pub. Headlines maybe a tiny bit too. I would prefer to listen about that stuff moreso than game mechanics and whatnot since tons of podcasts talk specifically about such things as is. Game mechanics as they relate to RP are okay I guess but it seemed to stray from that when you were talking about things like the classes and beta. That's just me though and I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same way or not.


Are you guys going to keep with the current hosting plan or are you still looking into something else?


Anyway, keep up the good work :D

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The information was a bit dated, but I think there were some RL issues that resulted in the delay. I think that was recorded about 3-4 weeks ago, about a week after the first wave of Beta invites went out. So, for the time it was recorded at least, the headlines were mostly new information.


Also sorry if I sounded rather exhausted and lost my train of thought a few times while I was rambling on... Someone should run a count of the number of times I said, "Y'know..." >.>


Also a few of you here probably know/knew me as 'Mike' rather than 'Luke'. I go by both names now. When I started working the depot job just prior to my helpdesk job, my immediate manager's name was 'Mike'. My middle name is actually 'John', which it so happens was a coworker's name. So 'Luke' was adopted in order to avoid confusion and it's kind of stuck since then. I always use this when ordering take-out as well, because there's a few billion Mikes out there, and it just makes things easier and I haven't had any issues getting someone else's food since I began doing that. So... I answer to both now. Really, it has nothing to do with Skywalker... (cuz everyone always makes that connection).


Anyway, getting back on topic... I'm looking forward to the next episode and getting to hear about some of the other new guilds! Will you guys continue doing this weekly, or is there any plan to maybe step it back and do it every other week instead?


Also think you guys should do that 'one up the previous speaker' godmode game we spoke about before the podcast. That'd be awesome. If there's ever a podcast about godmode or somesuch.... lol


I thought it was a good episode though. Good job with the editing. :approve:

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I agree a bit with Castiel that it would be great with some more rp related stuff, but in general, I think you do an awesome job!


And if you're still doing guild interviews and stuff, I'm sure BF will (almost) have something ready at the time! We're planning to come with some guildinfo one of these days... And yes, I know we've been saying that for a couple of weeks now >.< But this time, it should be true! :D

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When do I get an interview? *Pout.*

Actually you don't have to be a guild leader, I will start a thread for anyone who is available to guest host or call in.


I hear you on the lack of RP topics. We thought it was timely to talk about beta since it was new at the time and that's what people were talking about generally. After that we really didn't have time to talk about RP related threads. We'll make sure to fit that in next time.


"Don't be a one upper" - godmode segment has been added :) Should be fun to do it next time.



EDIT: We might also have a big announcement for you guys soon, but it's under wraps for now...

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"Don't be a one upper" - godmode segment has been added :) Should be fun to do it next time.

Awww, you have my info. Ping me up on AIM and I'll get on Skype. I'm totally up for this, or being a guest again or w/e.


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I thought it was a good episode though. Good job with the editing. :approve:

Thanks, Luke! I put a great deal more time editing in this one than usual.


If we had been able to release this episode the day after we recorded it (as per usual), it would have been much more relevant. Sorry for that everyone :cry:

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Beta servers do, yes. Whether or not they transfer to the final product is unknown but in FFXI's case, the server naming scheme was changed prior to launch. Either way, I have to say this...Kefka server would be just as bad of a choice as the Sephiroth server >.>;. Though for different reasons.


Also, I know what the big secret is! I can't wait til they announce it in the next episode.

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