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We know that the Allagan Empire covered most of all known Hydaelyn during the Third Astral Era. We know that during the Fourth Umbral Era they mysteriously vanished.


Knowing that they covered all of known Hydaelyn, we can safely assume that Allagans included all of the currently existing races and possibly even beastmen races.

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I guess maybe that explains why every race from every part of the world speaks English, or... whatever the language is supposed to be, except the Beastmen. Reading what little I could find it just made the Allagan seem like some kind of weird alien race that was hyper technological (I mean they trapped Bahamut in a manmade moon after all). It never says specifically however whether they were their own race, or just an empire made of all races, or maybe both (the Allagan as the ruling body and everyone else beneath them). Was just curious if it was ever said anywhere who or what the Allagan really were beyond a super technologically advanced empire that used to exist.

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Well, we're going to find out soon. The Crystal Tower is the tomb of an ancient Allag King and the gear/weapons that drop from the Tower are called "Allagan ______" and they look pretty technologically advanced. So taking this, I'm betting we're gonna get a ton of lore going through all those floors of the tower.

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I always pictured the Allagan empire to something like the Atlanteans


(from gamerescape)

Allagan Empire


Little is known of the lost Allagan Empire (sometimes referred to as the Great Allagan Empire) at this time. The most recent records of Allagan activity currently known take place around the height of the 3rd Astral Era, from which we have several coins and the remains of the Royal Allagan Sunway and Starway. Considering that eras shift in times of prosperity or pandemonium, it is possible that the Allagan Empire fell in the 4th Astral Era, giving rise to the independent City-States that exist today.

Remains of the culture can still be found in Eorzea, such as the Onion Doublet Set (a suit of armor inspired by that of the onion knights of the Allagan Empire) and their worship of The Twelve, indicated by the Allagan Runestones, which many across Eorzea continue to practice.

Issues such as whether or not the fall of the Empire had anything to do with the Garlean's, and at what time the Allagan Runestones were minted, remain areas of speculation.[/ltr]

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