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Apprehension (The Calm Before the Storm)

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So I noticed the forums have dulled down a bit, and instead of posting a few random chitchat threads which was my first inclination, I just figured I would just point out that VanaFest is this weekend, and I expect we will hear a lot of exciting news over the next few days and I'm guessing the forums will terminate 'trickle-mode' and kick off 'deluge-mode' again.


Suffice it to say I'm bored at work today and apprehensive about what we're going to hear this weekend! :bounce:

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Should be hearing about the mystery FF14 event/info tonight between 7-11 pm (Eastern US time)! Maybe a tad later but I'll be in bed anytime after that probably. I'll post whatever it is in the headlines section, unless someone else beats me to it. Watch it end up being nothing interesting at all -.-


Edit: Actually it's more likely that we won't hear anything until the wee hours of the morning. I believe the event starts in the afternoon, not the morning.

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By the looks of it, the info won't come out until about 6 am (est). The event starts in about 5-6 hours from the time of this post and will go on for quite awhile. The FF14 event is most likely saved for the end. So don't overdo yourself by staying up all night :lol:

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They've also announced another series of add-on scenarios for FFXI: http://www.playonline.com/ff11us/addon/index.html


And level 99 cap? Holy crap. I may have to reactivate my account now >.>;;. Duoing sky gods, easy dyna, small groups against the various HNMs...I bet endgame shells are raging right now. SE has stated that new higher leveled content will also be introduced though.


It looks like the comet from the past is also scheduled to appear over present day Sandy closer than ever.


Server merges announced as well apparently.




Edit: And now they're supposedely to remove level caps in CoP zones. FFXI is never going to be the same again, though it's long overdue for the massive changes in my opinion.


Alexander and Odin summons to be added as well.

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Level 99? I thought that was a joke. Are there even enough mobs in the game to effectively exp on to reach that level? I feel like SE just through up their hands and went "Oh well, now let's use FFXI as a testing box for XIV"


Are they going to add job abilities too? Equipment? Level 99 just sound so ridiculous to me xD ... that's like, lvl49 SJ. Everyone will go /nin and NIN main is going to be so useless.

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Yeah Mason, all the jobs are getting new abilities/spells, etc. and they are adding a bunch of new areas to the game, and expanding upon the nation rank quests and WOTG and all that. It seems like they are holding true to what they were saying about keeping FFXI alive for the people who want to play. They made a distinction early on that they felt FFXI was more for hardcore players, and they wanted to give those people who enjoyed FFXI end-game a place to continue playing and being rewarded for their efforts.

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