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Secondary Server (In-Case-Of-Emergency)


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If people can't create their characters or play at all on Gilgamesh due to extreme populations, then we should really consider about choosing 2ndary server besides Balmung. (Seems like Balmung closed down on their character creation)


Reddit/Somethingawful/BlueGartr and our community is completely swarming the server down and it seems like Reddit successfully closed down Gilgamesh from creating characters forever.


I know what people will say considering that "No, we are not making another server for this. It's not happening" - but I think this wasn't planned through enough to diverse the community more. And this suggestion should be considered for future case of scenario again. Gilgamesh is more overpopulated than Balmung, which is quite harder for new people to join in. :C


What are your thoughts in this?

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Personally, I'm already on Balmung, but to my understanding, beta is beta and this issue will be resolved by Early Access. I highly doubt they've completely shut down character creation for servers. I think it's a beta restriction to try and deviate flow to other servers, to make sure everything is stress tested.


I think, when launch comes. The restrictions will be lifted and everyone will be free to create characters on servers. On top of that, Beta is Free, the game is not. So a heavy chunk of the overwhelming population will be chiseled off right there. I doubt the entirety of the Beta population is going to be in the full release.


SHORT VERSION: I don't think we have anything to worry about!

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They're going to have to fix the 3102 and 90000 errors before early access. Thankfully, they've got about a week to do that, and the data from this stress test should help them get a fix in place. Also, they're probably being more restrictive in this test to ensure all the servers get properly load tested.


I really wouldn't worry about it too much. In the worst case scenario, they'll lock creation on servers for a few days at launch to spread the load, but once the tide of new character creations dies down, they'll remove them.

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What about the error 3102? :P From my knowledge, SquareEnix closed down their forums after swarm of the complaints. 


I have a feeling that this is going to be like D3/SimShitty 5 again where people can't log in and can't go online lol.


Eh, look at it this way; Square made a rather stellar MMO (For me at least) and I trusted them with making an awesome game, soo now I'll trust them that they can sort out the technical issues!


Besides, even if we picked another server. Who's to say that one won't get locked down as well. From what I hear, it's not just Gilgamesh and Balmung that have been blocked, multiple NA servers have been blocked from Character creation, even before the implementation of the new servers.

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Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if the limits were set low for the beta for testing reasons.


Also they may try and clean up the demo'ers who are not sticking around for release. Though I am not sure how they can find out which accounts to target.


Probably why most don't carry over characters from betas, to not clutter servers with "dead" characters.



Edit to add, the 3102 error locks people out from the NA/EU server cluster so not even picking a new world would help since we can not create a character anywhere put in the Japanese servers.

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and it seems like Reddit successfully closed down Gilgamesh from creating characters forever.


You're making it sound like that's they're goal.

It's not.

They just want to be together, like everyone else who belong to a group of any us (say, us).


This whole us against them point ov view needs to shift if we are to coexist.

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Basically you need to remember that this is open beta. These are "growing pains" - an insane amount of people all creating data and putting immense stress on the servers. The lockdowns on character creation are TEMPORARY. Which means, anyone who wants to be on Balmung or Gilgamesh WILL be able to get on them, just not this very moment. It happened in 1.0, and we expected it to happen this time around as well, and so it has. It will clear up within a few days of early access/launch. There's no need to be choosing more servers for anything other than what people already have chosen servers for: a temporary place to RP while they're locked out of their main server. To my understanding RPers are gathering on Tiamat for RP while they are locked out of Balmung and Gilgamesh, but not as their permanent home.

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The sheer numbers on Gilgamesh have been so good for the purposes of "whoa you guys are RPing in FFXIV, can I join?" that we'd have to be out of our minds to move now. Three days put whatever worries I had regarding recruitment to rest immediately. Things went really, really well for us there, overall, and that is in part because of those three super-communities you mention as clogging up the server. Reddit, especially, has been good to us.


I think for there to be any chance of us moving, Gilgamesh would have be as bad at release as it was in P4. That would surprise me.

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