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Error 3102 RP Relief Program!

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Okay, so to relieve those of us with the 3102 Error, let's get together on a Japan server and RP! We need to decide on a starting city to meet so we don't need to level, and we need to decide on a server. Seems our best choices are Fenrir and Tiamt. Thoughts?

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From what RP relief that took place last night on Tiamat, Ul'dah there has my vote. There was a small linkshell that was made there for this too!


EDIT: Should be noted that everyone rolled Ul'dah last night. There is a nice, secluded spot that was great for RP! :3

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Okay, so Tiamat it is! Now Gridania or Ul'dah...?


I do like the setting of Gridania, but if people are already set up in Ul'dah we may as well go there.


Right then, Ul'dah it is! Is there anyone who can give out pearls for the LS that was already set up?

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