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Gilgamesh - Skype chat

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Due to the heavy amount of interest we have received in the ic and ooc hubs on Gilgamesh we would really like to invite as many as possible headed to the server to alleviate issues when the linkshells fill to capacity while we will be starting new ones to take in new members we do not want anyone feeling that they are left out of anything spoken about in any additional ooc hubs that get started. To somewhat deal with the situation we would like as many of the folk heading to Gilgamesh to join the Skype chat channel. Please list your Skype name below. Its recommended that your Skype name be your forum or character name for the chat.


*Voicechat is NOT required to join this, its a simple chatroom, that's all. I don't particularly care for voice chat myself.


Again please list your Skype name below.

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Thanks for this, Rock!


Folks, with the rate our OOC LS was filling up on Gilg in P4 - quality people, all - we're going to have 2 of them within a week of release, or sooner. Then maybe 3, or 4. I have no idea how far this will go, but one thing is clear: The Linkshell system isn't up to our needs as a community.


Having to alt-tab into Skype isn't very good, either, but it does give you the chance to chat it up with everyone in the "A" group.


Hopefully we'll see a user limit extension for LS's. There's no reason they can't be player-run chat channels. It's 2013, am I right?

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To make things easier if you have a smartphone or an ipad I recommend getting the Skype ap on IOS or Android devices. Its what I use while I'm playing.

Nice idea, Rock. By all means, add me when you can. Skype name is mh4wheel.


Credit it to Yeldir, its an excellent idea. Everyone just seems to like me making the posts lol.

Guys also open up your Skype pretty quick as we send out the invites fast so when you list here check asap.

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Ladies and gentlemen who are waiting to get on to Gilgamesh or waiting for the servers to come back up please join our Skype Gilgamesh OOC text chat channels in the meantime we'd really love to have you in and you don't need a microphone as this channel was set up for everyone keeping in touch with each other aside from in game. Please list your Skype name here so we can get you in. Again voicechat is NOT required! You can also use Skype on IOS and Android devices with a free app on both.

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