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Trying to give away the game

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Not my existing account! I preordered the physical Collector's Edition (PC) for all the shiny physical goods. The game code might have been for M'lady's use, but she's decided against it. So, now I'm trying to give it away on Tumblr along with the authenticator (and possibly the preorder code).


Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to have gained much attention, so I'm hoping some of you might know people who want to play but can't afford to yet, or something, or just be able to spread the word. Ignore the deadline, I'm going to extend it. Just originally wanted it to end with a significant amount of time before early access because I thought there'd be more interest.

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I don't think any of my friends have any interest, sadly, and the ones that would don't have a system or computer able to run it.


If there's a reason you don't want the pre-order code for yourself, I would love one. The cait sith pet is really cute, but I don't want to buy another copy of the game for it. Also having to wait till the 27th to play is painful. Haha.


EDIT: I'll reblog it on tumblrs to give you a signal boost.

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If I give away the preorder code, it'll be with the game code. I'd rather they get everything I can give them. I mean, unless no one actually enters for the game code. That still appears to be a possibility.


Also, I have extended the deadline by 36 hours. I think I'll try some other avenue if I can't give away the game by then.

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Oh hi. Yeah thanks Yeldir. :P


I am a 1.0 non-legacy player so I don't get early access, but I do get the game free. I've been trying to tell them I'd rather have someone have the code who is interested in playing/will play if they don't have the game all ready but at the same time like Yeldir said I obviously want to play with everyone during early access.


Either way I'm not going to be disappointed.. also is it possible for a person to apply the code to an existing account? I've always been fuzzy on that subject. I wouldn't want to have to re-make/re-level Lulu all over again.


What you're doing is really cool though I love when people pay it forward.

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It's come to my attention that I did not make it clear that this account may only work for players in in 'European' territories. I'm not sure whether you can just create a European account from scratch in North America. So, uh, keep that in mind.


On another note, the preorder code comes with the game. If you already have the game, it would be kind of douchey to enter (at least for the main prize, entering the signal boost part is fine for anyone) just to get the preorder code. Which will definitely not work with an existing NA account, only a European one. On the other hand, entering on behalf of someone else who doesn't have an account while you do is fine, so long as they're not entering for themselves.


Also, there are quite clear instructions on how to enter through the link in my first post. Anything less than what they say to do counts for nothing. I don't care if that means making a Tumblr just to do that one thing, the point is to keep it fair to those who've already entered.


I think that's everything that needs clarification? :blush:

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