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Server Character Creation Cap


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I am just wondering since some of my guildies couldn't make characters on the server in OB. Will the population cap be increased for early access and launch?


To my knowledge, yes most certainly. Or rather, I don't see why it wouldn't be, but what do I know? A lot about nothing is what.

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I'm fairly certain you'll be able to, I'd say 99% certain. I just don't want to confirm anything and give you false hope. I just really don't think that Square would perma lock servers before the game is even out. That makes little to no sense.


The reason they locked servers in Beta was to stem the flow of people and essentially force them to overflow into the other servers. Best example is when they released three new servers and then completely shut off character creation for every other NA/EU server excluding the new three.

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Don't forget, Open Beta had a bunch of people who won't be paying for the game so won't be in Early Access. I assume. It might not be enough to make much difference on server loads, but open betas are stress tests like that.

That could go the other way.. It is a good day and I can assume jerks are out there who only put 5 dollars down to play early access but will never actually buy the game. :l Anyways it really is the early bird gets the worm kind of race.

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