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Dragon Con

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Just so everyone knows, I am attending Dragon Con at the moment. I realize because of the size and scope of the con that there is a chance of more of the RPC besides myself being here. So if anyone else is here and wants to meet Ryanti face to face x3...or a RPC meetup in general, then so yeah.


I'll be walking around with a lightsaber. Possibly an enormous double bladed lightsaber. Might post a pic soon.

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I do enjoy conventions, but haven't been to DragonCon because it is on the otherside of the country from me. This was the first year I considered going because Lucy Lawless was a guest, but they only announced her about a month beforehand, which was too short of notice for me to plan such a faraway trip. I attend Xena Con (just two states away from me), but she has a lot of handlers at Xena Con that prevent you from really interacting with her. Sounds like DragonCon gives the stars a lot more freedom to interact with fans.

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