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Law and Order: Eorzea


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[Disclaimer: I am new to Final Fantasy in both game and lore. I do not see myself nor say that I am some lore specialist. These are just a few things that I have pulled from the game itself and from knowledge I have of history and trying to gap bridges. Please feel free to correct anything that is said within this post accordingly. Thank you.] 


Law’s in Eorzea are a bit of a difficult thing, as are with most MMORPG role play settings. The main question, is why would one include laws in some rp’s? My character, through a bit of character evolution, is being rp'd as a lawyer/diplomat/book jockey type. Now, what basis can I use to rp a "lawyer" type you might ask? Would that even be any fun?


let’s take a look a stereotypical role play archetype: The adventurer. Most adventurers will ride into town, ramble off some tavern rp, mayhaps get into an argument into someone that leads into fisticuffs, then that’s it. The town guards come in to try and arrest the adventurer and he pulls out the +5 laser sword of godmodding and smites the guards. Yet, this whole time it’s done with no repercussion, no thought of “Hey, I might get into trouble doing this.”


Bringing laws into role play is a good way to spice up role play stories, or can be used as that added “spice” to push one’s role play from “ok” to “sat here for five hours, that was awesome!”. One of the inherent problems with bringing laws into rp, however, is having everyone on the same page so that fellow rp’ers not necessarily “follow” the laws, but know that laws are out there and that some people are using them in an rp.   


Now, let me tell you what this is not; This is not a “YOU MUST OBEY THESE LAWS BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH” type thread. On the contrary, I wish to present certain things that I have found both in game and that have some parallels in human history for the consideration of my fellow role players in hopes that I assist bringing that “spice” or missing element to everyone’s role player. I also hope that this could be something that as a community we could share and use as a common narrative for rp, perhaps even spurring some cross Free Company role plays. 


I’ve done a lot of searching, both online and in game and have come up with a few things. First, is seems that the mindset of Eorzea (during game time) is much like the real world during the renaissance and the age of discovery. Both these time periods were extremely pivotal times in human history were human beings were just coming out of extremely dark, destructive times. The world was beginning to be re-discovered, along with many sciences, art forms and ways of learning.


This was both good and bad in that with all the advances were made, there was much heartache that happened as well. Laws during this time changed dependant on what nation laid claim to what place and could change dramatically from place to place. Now, putting this into final fantasy terms; the three city-states of Eorzea (Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul’Dah) are now gaining a foothold, emerging from a much darker time of upheaval, though the Umbral era is still going on. Because of this, many of the laws that are enacted are both to protect their own borders and peoples and, to a lesser degree, see Eorzea climb out of the darkness. 


Now, there are a few crimes that I have seen in game that are illegal in all the city states, and that are enforced across the board in Eorzea. These crimes are: Theft, Murder, Robbery, and Kidnapping and selling/dealing of slaves. Anyone accused of any of these crimes would be brought in prosecuted to the highest extent. Also, one common enemy that is plaguing all the city states is the Garlean Empire, though they plague them in different ways. 



Now, just like the age of discovery, there were different laws between the different kingdoms (England, Spain, Portugal, etc.). Mirroring real life, I have noticed some different laws and mindsets within the three city-states in Eorzea:


Sultante of Ul’Dah: Forbids any and all business with beast tribes that are deemed hostile. They also hold honest trade methods highly, looking badly on dishonest merchants. 


Some in game issues that plague Ul’Dah that could affect the way they dictate laws: Ul’Dah is having a big problem with Amaljaa attacking trade routes. This is making it difficult for trade to get back and forth, and as we know, trade has always been a cornerstone of Ul’Dah economics. Also, coming out of the first five years of the Umbral era, they are doing the best when it comes to money. This has caused many refugee’s to flood Ul’Dah. Because of this, Ul’Dah has no clear policy on refugee’s yet, leaving people that come to Ul’Dah looking to make a living in a sort of limbo.


It seems that the Garlean empire is pilfering mines and resources that normally Ul’Dah would use for their own. This appears to be putting adding to the already heavy burden that Ul’Dah has been dealing with as of late.  


I would consider Ul’Dah much like Portugal or Denmark of the age of discovery. Ul’Dah is the economic and trade powerhouse of Eorzea. They are willing to do business with anyone, but it has to be done by their rules, and those rules could very well change from day to day depending on the world conflicts that effect Ul’Dah (i.e. One day the gates might be fully open for trade, but the next day the gates are closed because of a Garlean party has attacked caravans heading to Ul’Dah.) The last thing to remember is that the Syndicate will always get’s it’s share of the profits.  



Gridania: The Twelveswood seems to be the most important thing to the Gridanians. Poaching, and the destruction of the Twelveswood seems to be the things that Gridania really go after people about, though it appears as of late banditry seems to be on the rise in the Twelveswood. 


Gridanians have no love for war, and leave it as a last resort. They have the Ixal on one side, the Sylphs on another, and are starting to squeeze in on Gridania’s way of life. Seeing how Gridanian’s top priority is the protection and the healing of the Twelveswood, this is forcing Girdanians to arm themselves so that they can better protect their home.


The Garlean empire seems to be doing de-foresting operations that are effecting the Twelveswood, which has angered the people of Gridania, and which appears to be putting an extra stress on the Twelveswood itself that in turn, effects Gridania. 


Gridanians seem more begrudgingly accepting of new persons within their borders. Due to the Black Shroud and the Twelveswood being effected so much they make their presence more known within Eorzea. If it wasn’t for that, they would still be isolated away from the rest of Eorzea. Because of this, I see them very much like Japan during the age of discovery. They seem to have a strong isolationist mind set, really wanting to keep to themselves. It only seems that recently they are begrudgingly associating with everyone else because they have too. Other than that, however, Gridanian’s don’t seem to trust outsiders enough yet to open their doors fully to them, and if they will, it is under much restriction and  oversight by the Gridnaian government. 



Limsa Lominsa: The nautical power of Eorzea. Any ships that enter Limsa Lominsa can be ordered to be boarded and inspected. Any goods are allowed to be confiscated as per the official inspection, and ALL ships get inspected.


Limsa seems to have three things that they are struggling with, and those are the Sahagin, Kobolds, and feuds in between Pirate clans within Limsa. Because of this, laws dealing with all three issues are in place. It also seems that the slave trade has found it’s way into the underbelly of Limsa, as the dealing in the underground slave trade is met with the harshest punishments.  


The Garlean empire sees to have made their way into Limsan territory, attacking ships going in and out of Limsa. This is much like the privateers that would attack the armada’s that scooted back and forth across the Atlantic during the age of discovery. 


Limsa, however, seems to be the most open to Adventurers, and as long as the rules are followed, people are pretty much left alone to conduct business as they seem fit. Much like Spain or England during the age of discovery, they are willing to open their doors to practically anyone, be them with good intentions or not. 


Courts and law enforcement in Eorzea: We all know that each city state has their own form of law enforcement. They would be the Yellow Jackets in Limsa, the Flame Honor Guard in Ul'Dah and the Wood Wailers in Gridania. Though I have not seen any actual court houses per say, but I have seen court cases being brought in front of tribunals, made up of locals business people/government people.


So, hopefully as you can see, to try and rp a "lawyer" type might be a lot more exciting then one would think. Even if you aren't rp'ing a lawyer type, a free companies rp might be made a bit more exciting if they added a few difficulties in the ways of some laws. Maybe they are wrongly accused of trading with a violent beastman tribe? Maybe someone within the free company is actually making illegal deals that is effecting the free companies standing with a city-state?


I hope that you all enjoyed this read. Take care, and I'll see you all in Erozea :thumbsup:


*places a pie down and makes a mad dash for the door*

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Great stuff and especially useful for my character! She's a mercenary that takes dirty jobs (assassination/getting illegal stuff back...) and I needed to know what was illegal. I'd like more infos on the types of drugs(so far I only heard of Somnus from the ul'dah intro) and if slave trading exists outside of giving to beast tribe trades (maybe garleans have slaves?).

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Great stuff and especially useful for my character! She's a mercenary that takes dirty jobs (assassination/getting illegal stuff back...) and I needed to know what was illegal. I'd like more infos on the types of drugs(so far I only heard of Somnus from the ul'dah intro) and if slave trading exists outside of giving to beast tribe trades (maybe garleans have slaves?).

Yes, it does. There is a part of the Arcanist quest chain were you learn that slaves are being sold on the black market to the highest bidder. The way it was worded made it sound all encompassing, so yes, I believe the slave trade extends to more then just beast tribes.

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I really like this idea. I hope that we have some sort of linkshell that pops up with people who plan to enforce these laws or at least post up bounty's for bringing law breakers to justice. 


It's fun playing a character who is shaddy and lacks a moral compass, but its more fun actually being worried about your actions getting you thrown in jail or fined.


One of my most memorable RP experiences was in the last game I RP'd in. My character lied, cheated, stole, and flat-out robbed people. One of the law abiding police guilds approached my character with accusations of me stealing something off of a drunk guy in the middle of the street. It ended up with me trying to run from them, but eventually being caught, brought to a trial, and found guilty.


I usually don't make more than two characters because anymore and I probably wouldn't have time to RP with them and their contacts. Again, I really hope someone makes a police force LS ^^.

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A few things I would like to add...


While Ul'dah certainly has law, their enforcement seems poorly done. The wealthy enforcing their own laws on the poor with hired muscle is not a rare sight (happens once right at the beginning and once again after the first dungeons, and judging by NPC reactions it's not uncommon). Furthermore, while the Sultana has her heart in the right place, the Syndicate is something else. Not only are they out for profit but their wealth means they control much. Add a strong mafia to the Denmark/Portugal thing.


As for Gridania, the elementals are the primary concern. The Twelveswood is of course most important, but it seems to be mostly a matter of respecting the elementals, aka forces/spirits of nature. Poaching and deforesting is illegal because the elementals don't like it. A conjurer won't help a wounded man without the elementals giving their approval. It's all about them. I would see Gridania more like America than Japan, with the "natives" caring for their environment, and seeking the spirits (elementals) approval in everything and strangers being more-or-less unwelcome.


Limsa Lominsa is pretty spot on as far as I know.



Lastly, I am very wary of Law Enforcement type guilds. I've seen them done right once or twice... but it's a very fine balance between enjoyable RP and RP bullying and not everyone sees that line between the two in the same place.

If it is done (and I sincerely hope it is) it must be done carefully.


Wasn't there some criminal element LS around, by the way?

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I had wondered why I hadn't seen a soldier/militant-type guild. Generally that's one of the first things to pop up.

 Yes, me too, I'm still surprise I didn't see a lot of them,


But the post is very nice and help to understand how each city-state see their view.



I see the city-state mostly like the Greek city, each city have their army, their law and even their war between themselves, but when an outside threat came, they will united against it.

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Very interesting and very well thought out.

I would love to get involved in some aspect of RPing this sort of thing. Chiane is a dusky, so her culture, motivations, morals, etc are affected by this- but at the same time, she holds honor in high regard.

Far from any sort of 'police force'... she is, however, very astute at subterfuge, knowledge/data acquisition, and so on. I am leaning toward giving her a bit of a forensic slant as well, but want to do it IC'ly via game interactions.

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