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Hello from over on Gilgamesh!


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Hello! My name is Kal and I've rolled a couple characters on Gilgamesh. I've been playing since beta phase 4 and have been leveling slowly, trying to get a feel for the gameplay and lore before introducing myself here. I still feel really new to everything though, so I'm hoping to meet some new friends and/or join an LS/FC with folks who are willing to guide me along!


MMORPG Background

I started out on WoW and stuck with that for a couple years, have played a fair amount of Rift and Aion, and a little bit of GW2. But I've never RP'd in an MMO before, so this is brand new territory.


RP Experience

I have years' worth of experience roleplaying in forums, chat rooms, email, and IM. Basically several forms of online RP except for within an MMO. I'm always creating personalities and backstories for my MMO characters, I've just never really interacted with other RPers in game.


Character Ideas/Info

Right now I have two characters I enjoy playing. As I'm still learning lore, their backstories are much less developed than their personalities. Hoping to remedy that though! I really love the idea of bouncing my characters off other players' characters to develop them through relationships, so most of my character ideas are pretty open right now. I am also considering leveling a tank at some point, I tanked all through Aion and enjoyed it a lot.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Like I've mentioned, I don't know the lore as well as I like, so I'm probably not going to be much of a heavy roleplayer quite yet. I feel like I might be most comfortable going with the flow of the roleplayers around me, letting their styles guide me and learning from example since I'm so new to the MMO RP world. When I get a better feel for things I think I'll know where I'll fit in as an roleplayer.


I guess what most of this intro tells you about me is that I'm super laidback about things and I'm just down to play, RP, make friends, and have fun. 8) MMOs and RP aside, I play a ton of other games as well, mostly on Steam (and am notorious for never beating them) and I like to draw a little bit too.


I'm excited to meet/talk with you all! Truth be told I have no idea how to approach other RPers in-game so I figured the best way to slip into the community is on the forum. 8)

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James Maxwell here! You can find me on Gilgamesh so add me in game and we'll RP. James is my alt character (my main is on Balmung) but I still play him a lot so feel free to approach me. I'm new to RPing though, so if you're just trying to get into the feel of things like, then we can do so together!

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