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I suppose I'll toss my uh, stuff in. Alright then. Well a bit of background then? Uhhhh. Currently I've been chipping slowly away at a few portfolio pieces. These aren't them. But I am very VERY interested in illustration and painting. Lately I've been drawing on a java based art platform that works like a very borked version of MSpaint with opacity. Since then I haven't mucked with photoshop so I'm really rusty in that department.



I do a bit of art for the shell I'm in, I did the unfortunate ( joke ) sketch of the miqote on the T.A.L.E poster. And yeaaaah. So let's see what I've got around here to show.

I haven't attempted anything serious, just really rough concept sketches for the shell and for my own personal use.




















I have a deviantArt, my user name is Aedsu presently, and I currently am accepting commissions so if there's anyone in your life that you know who would like art done for RP purposes or what not. 8'D

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I've been getting that "Nomura vibe" comment a lot lately. Maybe it's the subject.

D8 I guess that's what my sketches turn into when I shut my brain off. It's not my typical style.


Thanks guys! :3

Oh sure you can, drawing is easy. Colouring is hard.

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It really looks like you're using ink washes. Very nicely done. You have a fine sense of anatomy and very interesting composition. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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Sorry, I was at work using my phone so I didn't notice that. What do you think about some work for my designers to use ona new website? I think I would need a few pieces to work with, one main piece for the main page, and a few smnall pieces to work with for the others. I have some ideas and I will pay more than what you've asked here though of course I'll be asking for more work too. If you're interested post here and I can get together some ideas which I can send you over PM. You would be credited for the work on the site of course.

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